My response to The (Anti-)Linux Crusade

In an example of just how low "journalism" in this country has sunk, a friend referred me to

My response:

Well, I think that article's best summed up by:

'linux isnt secure and it isnt stable,' my informant writes, with his usual bracing disdain for grammar and punctuation.

Let's see. An anonymous informant who either can't type or isn't fluent in human-to-human languages (let alone computer ones), who doesn't understand the difference between the kernel and hte utilities that surround it, and who can't point out any of the specific flaws he's complaining about makes the basis for an entire column with no real conclusions or suggestions.

I think I'm gonna go into journalism. Yeesh. Find some script-kiddy adolescent who's willing to say "linux sux d00d" in between "marilyn manson rocks" and "hanson makes me wanna puke" and I get paid for the week.

Monday, November 23rd, 1998