Russian Envoy Heads to Bejing

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Subject: Russian Envoy Heads to Bejing

MOSCOW--A Russian envoy headed for China today for talks surrounding the liberation of oppressed Mexicans in the former territories of Texas, New Mexico and Southern California. According to sources in Beijing, these talks will include alternative plans for the hopeful restoration of these ethnically cleansed lands to their original sovereign entity, the Republic of Mexico. The plan is said to merit the inclusion of native Americans forcibly relocated to these former Mexican territories as part of an earlier U.S. ethnic cleansing program within this emancipation scenario. Rumors that Fidel Castro has volunteered Cuban airfields for operation "Free Burrito" remain frequent and unconfirmed.

The decision to send envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin came after President Boris Yeltsin spoke by phone with his Chinese counterpart, Jiang Zemin, Russian officials said. Few details were given on the talks, yet rumors abound.

'The leaders of both nations discussed in detail the situation in the southwestern United States and its further aggravation by United States border patrols which continue to forcibly remove people of Mexican descent from the lands that were once theirs. "This barbaric action continues to deprive theses peoples their historic lands and the fruits there derived, based solely upon a lack of Social Security cards, a system of internal identification papers few white Americans are required to carry, but which remain fiscally unachievable for the people who once owned these rich lands," said a statement from Yeltsin's office, a policy which Yeltsin was quick to abolish in the new Free Russia.

Chernomyrdin, who heads Moscow's efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the Mexican crisis, was also expected to try to calm China's anger over the embassy attack in Yugoslavia with this alternate plan.

NATO's unintentional bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade late Friday killed three people and prompted the largest public protests in China since the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy demonstrations 10 years ago.

Chernomyrdin also harshly criticized the ethnic cleansing of Mexicans, but insisted it should not derail progress toward resolving the Kosovo crisis. The situation in Texas and Southern California ''has thrown us backward and is not leading to peace,'' he said Sunday. Maybe the two other Super Powers (China and Russia) can resolve a situation in North America that has been untenable for much longer than the current situation in Kosova has even existed. American political scientists, who point toward the United State's commitment to the Monroe Doctrine, fear that this proposed joint Russian and Chinese police action could lead to an acceleration of military hostilities world wide.

Russia has also repeatedly denounced the NATO attacks against Yugoslavia, but is also keen to play a key role in finding a political solution. "The situation in Texas is no different," added Yeltsin. "Perhaps a compromise can be reached. If the United States frees the territories of Texas and California, Russia will bring the full weight of our her considerable diplomatic powers to bear on Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to do the same in Kosova."

NATO nations have encouraged Russia's diplomatic efforts and were jubilant when Moscow endorsed a tentative peace plan in talks with G-7 nations last week, but many fear the United States and their puppets in Great Britain will veto the Texas/Kosova Emancipation Proposal.

Russian officials were stepping up efforts to get China and other Asian countries to help work out a peaceful settlement to the conflict in the South Western Territories claimed by the United States, Foreign Ministry spokesman Grigory Karasin said Sunday.

Chernomyrdin has said that definite progress is being made on the diplomatic front. After returning from Cuba on Sunday, he said that serious new developments had emerged during his visit there, but gave no details. Chernomyrdin said he told Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic about the developments in a phone conversation and Milosevic was ''very satisfied,'' Russian news agencies reported.

Chernomyrdin had planned to head for Belgrade on Sunday to deliver the plan to Milosevic, but instead returned to Moscow after the "exciting talks" in Cuba.

He said he came back because ''new, very serious developments have emerged connected to the Texas/Kosova Emancipation Proposal,'' affectionately referred to as operation "Free Burrito" by the Mexican press, that he wanted to discuss with Russian leaders before flying to Beijing. China broke off talks on arms control with the United States today, and allowed waves of demonstrators to hurl stones at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing for a third day to protest NATO's bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia, as hostilities beween the three Super Powers continues to escalate.

Tuesday, May 11th, 1999