Flutterby™! Real syndication 2003-07-19 02:36:33.057438+00

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Real syndication

2003-07-19 02:36:33.057438+00 by Dan Lyke / 24 comments

I gotcher syndication right here, pal. None of this wussy "Uhhhm, excuse be, but we're going to entity encode HTML[Wiki] inside of XML[Wiki]" crap, none of wheel-reinvention of a format developed for freakin' headlines, none of the politics of new formats without applications, no standards bodies run amok, nobody's worried about who owns the copyright, that's what ya got tire irons and motorcycle chains for. There's no worrying about revision tracking here, when we want to make sure it's permanent, we'll tatoo it someplace that counts.

Dan has finally done the obvious: Flutterby via NNTP[Wiki], a protocol actually developed for delivering news. So, fire up a newsreader, point it to port 119 of your favorite server and subscribe to flutterby.weblogentries , use your email address from your Flutterby user info as your username, with your Flutterby password, and read some freakin' news.

Totally rawks in gnus, works nicely in Mozilla, Opera is a little funky, but nothing they won't fix, and it should work in all of the rest of your favorite newsreaders. Nope, not "news syndicators" or whatever that modern wussy crap is, we're talking industrial-strength time-tested terabytes-served chews alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.amateur.female for lunch blows your doors off and in the next county before you realize the light has changed technology.

This is the Bronco II to your Suzuki Samurai, a '67 SuperSport with a bored out block, glasspacks, and nitrous in the trunk to your mother's station wagon, baybee.


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