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Re: Topic Suggestions

Busted......long sigh......

.......once again betrayed by his false god, Todd ponders taking a large
stone and altering his OS with it. ....

( time goes by)

After some some reflection Todd cracks open the front door to the Linux
world, much like a Sunday morning suburbanite thinking about getting his
morning paper off the porch while just in his underwear. He wants the paper.
He knows he'll like it once he gets it...... but he is scared


>It's just a stock install of Majordomo like a bazillion other people
>are using. No Newwwsboy involved (although I do need to set up Mhonarc
>or Newwwsboy to put the archives on-line!).
>But does the fact that I know from that very statement which mail
>client you're using (Outlook Express as packaged with IE5 beta?)
>indicate where the problem might be?
>Actually, I'm fairly sure that any outbound mail from my domain as
>it's configured right now will get trapped by the OE/IE5 filter,
>although Microsoft is removing the filter as it stands right now for
>the March release.