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Wakey Wakey!!

Ack! I venture from my cave to do a little digital missionary work (read as
contract work for companies) and come back to the home land to find this
mailing list ravaged by the passage of time (like 2 weeks). I can see you
have been taking your soma....tsk ....tsk

I'll think of some profound or foolish to say about storytelling this
afternoon. Hmmm maybe I'll just say something profoundly foolish....

in the mean time here are some events that may interest some of you ...

3D Design & Animation Conference/Expo

Attention computer artists and animators!! Miller Freeman brings you the
annual 3D Design & Animation Conference and Exposition.  Enhanced with
more than 50 sessions and workshops geared at providing you with the
latest cutting edge knowledge in the field, this conference is being
held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on May 10-13.  With sessions
such as "Animating Particles & Liquids with LightWave", "Cinematic
Aspects of Animation", "Out On A Limb: Starting and Running An Animation
Studio", "Cartoon Laws of Physics" and many other great topics, this
conference is a must for anyone serious about their work!  Featured
speakers from Digital Domain, Sony Imageworks, Lucas Arts, Jim Henson's
Creature Shop, Flat Earth Productions,Kinetix, SoftImage, Alias
/Wavefront and NewTek, plus many others, will be on hand to share their
insights.  To round things off, there is also a job fair and an exhibit
hall featuring the latest and most innovative tools and technologies.
Register now, for the greatest savings, at
http://www.3dshow.com/main.html.... what did you say... short on cash??
Your friends at Miller Freeman have made it possible for anyone to
attend by allowing you to register for a FREE Show-Only Pass... This
pass allows you to attend the special events, keynote and general
session speeches, the job fair, awards ceremony and more!!!  Better
hurry... on-line registration for these passes are available to
qualified attendees, but only if you register no later than April
12th... what an awesome deal!! For your FREE Show-Only Pass go to
https://wow.mfi.com/3dshow/register.html and sign up today... see you


Here it is again, on the "West Siiiide" (pronounced cy' eeed)!  The
Electronic Entertainment Expo is back in LA at the Los Angeles
Convention Center on May 13-15.  With over 35 conference sessions on
five different subject tracks, an expo floor featuring 1,500+ new game
titles to be debuted throughout 5 different exhibit halls! A truly
overwhelming experience to say the least!!  Sure, the lines are longer
than Disneyland, (not really, but your feet sure do feel like it at the
end of the day)... but here is an excellent opportunity to meet the
right people, network a little, and create some new business
partnerships.  The IDSA is kind enough to make this great event
affordable to all pocketbooks.  Check out the different
session/conference packages available at
http://www.e3expo.com/register/frame.html. Once again, registering early
is the best way to stay friends with the Benjamins...and the Jacksons!!
For those wanting the biggest bang for the buck, the exhibits-only pass
is still available to qualified members of the industry!  Simply go to:
https://www.mha.com/cgi-bin/e399_begin.cgi?conference=p5 to reserve your
FREE exhibit pass.... Note: all registrations received by April 9th will
receive a free mini-subscription to mmWire... a daily business insider
publication of the interactive entertainment industry.

Also, Don't Forget..to mark your calendars for:

Shareware Industry Conference

The 1999 Shareware Industry Conference is being held on July 22-24 in
sunny Tampa, Florida at the 4 Star Wyndham Harbour Island Hotel, 725
South Harbour Island Blvd, Tampa, Florida 33602 Phone: 813-229-5000.
Early Registration is only $79.00 until March 31... for more details go
to http://www.sic.org/conference-99.html