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An event on interactive fiction in a famous French museum

Hi everybody,
I'm dropping by to say hello and tell you about an event we (itv-drama.org)
are organizing in Paris on Apr 28 and Apr 29 in the Centre Pompidou, the
French Museum for Contemporary Arts.
The event is dedicated to "new technologies and the art of storytelling",
with a focus on three themes :
interactive fiction, virtual images and multi-user narrative experiences.
During two days, we will hold conferences and presentations, screen
(theatrically) innovative fictions (like Figgis' TimeCode) and let visitors
interact with interactive fictions in a permanent gallery.
If you know of innovative projects that we should feature - interactive
fictions on the web, on CD-Rom, on DVD or on any other media - please let me
know. And if you are in Paris late April, you are all welcomed to the event,
which will be free.
Thank you for your assistance.

Julien Favre
Founder and Director - The ITV-Drama Forum www.itv-drama.org
Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer
SLOWDIVE - A Hexo Division
36 rue du Sentier 75002 Paris France
Tel : 01 53 00 97 80 - Fax : 01 42 21 02 04