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RE: A response to Walt

[My first post, a typical Van Every discordian gesture...]

> And no, I'm not adding anything intelligent to the discussion,
> it's late, so
> cut me some slack.  Besides, my -really- good ideas are proprietary, what,
> you think I want to spill the beans with sharp cookies like
> Freitag snooping around?

Maybe there's too much intellectualization going on for you guys' own good
here?  Creating IF isn't a theoretical exercise, it's a matter of authorial
action.  You get a team of people together and you create a work.  IMHO you
should be focusing on what it takes for a team of authors to
communicate/coordinate/collaborate with each other and get something done.
What happens when authors of compatible but certainly non-identical
viewpoints interact to create a work?  What about this production process
becomes entertaining for an audience, and what becomes irritating?

Cheers,                                     www.3DProgrammer.com
Brandon Van Every                           Seattle, WA

For plot and pace, writers use words; game designers use numbers.
Anything understood over time has plot and pace.