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RE: A response to Walt

> Not getting a degree in writing or literature because you want
> to remain 'artistically pure' and 'more in touch with emotions' is built
> on a fear that you can't balance two different aspects of the act of
> reading/writing a text.

Well no, it might be borne of fear that one won't get anything done in the
real world, for having spent many years analyzing instead of producing.
It's a valid fear.  Especially if one has learned to write after college,
and has other career responsibilities to attend to.

The old adage:
Those who can, do.
Those who can't do, teach.
Those who can't teach, administrate.

Another old adage, probably not as well known to this crowd:
For the student, a punch is just a punch.
For the advanced, a punch is not just a punch, it is much more than a punch.
For the master, a punch is just a punch.

Cheers,                                     www.3DProgrammer.com
Brandon Van Every                           Seattle, WA

For plot and pace, writers use words; game designers use numbers.
Anything understood over time has plot and pace.