Sun screen is a suitable alternative to clothing. Just make sure you have a friend help apply it, 'cause it only works where you're wearing it. Watch your ears, especially. Also, certain people (not naming any names) still live in the "I picked it up in a washroom" stage of knowledge about disease transmission, so carrying a small towel around to sit on to assuage the fears of these folks wouldn't be a bad idea.

Right before the picture to the right was taken a woman came along with an inkpad and and an A.A. Milne (now Disney) character and stamped Poohtm on my butt. Naked bodies are everywhere, decorate yours. To differentiate yourself from the masses, you can do the simple things like dropping by Bianca's for some slutty glitter nail polish, mooching off one of the many camps that will batik or airbrush your body, or take control of your own decoration. Some non-toxic airbrush/textile ink mixed with a little sun screen or hand cream to help keep it flexible, works wonders.

If you're not comfortable exposing yourself, think loose cotton for functionality; shade and airflow. But remember, fashion is key. If everyone dressed like you would you find hanging out here quite as interesting? Probably not, and this is one of the areas that we fell short. One neighbor pinned orange crepe to the appropriate places to make a "burning bush". I've met very few guys who don't look at least non-mainstream in a short dress. At night, lit up clothing is good, and with a little extra effort could indicate various reactions to the people you're meeting.

Wednesday, December 30th, 1998