Toothbrush man fought bad dental hygene, delivering the necessities to unbrushed teeth, fighting plaque, injustice and [gasp] gingivitis everywhere, but surviving comfortably at Burning Man requires more than just fresh breath.

If you're a homebody like me you probably don't want to screw up your schedule too badly, and you'll be used to sleeping at night. The preferred Burning Man method is to sleep during the day and party all night (often with the assistance of various chemicals which make sleep impossible). This may put your schedule at odds with the rest of the camp. Even if you are a vampire, newcomers who feel it necessary to play their car stereos while setting up their camps in the middle of the afternoon may interrupt siesta time. I strongly recommend ear plugs. A good blindfold helps during daytime as well.

I also initially scoffed at nose spray and creme, but Catherine prevailed, and I was glad she did. If you're a contact lens wearer who sometimes wears sunglasses, a set of clip-ons for your prescription lenses could make your life much more comfortable.

And, of course, lots of sun screen.

Wednesday, December 30th, 1998