Fairfax California

We live in a cute little town in Marin County California, just north of San Francisco, called Fairfax .

I plan on putting up more stuff about Fairfax as I get the time and the pictures, but for now, here's a short list

While there's a mailing list devoted to Fairfax town issues, called TOFU , a couple of us wanted something a little more chatty. Thus I started a mailing list called Fairfax Chat.

If you'd like to subscribe, send a message to majordomo@flutterby.com with "subscribe fairfax-chat" in the body of the message.

For help e-mail me, Dan Lyke, danlyke@flutterby.com

There'll be more to come later, but for now everyone else's pages are way cooler than mine. I do recommend reading the Fairfax History pages.