Alamere Falls

2002-01-06 Phil, Bill, Terrence, Leo and Dan hiked north from the Bolinas bird sanctuary to Alamere Falls.

[] [] Terrence risks Salmonella poisoning with a Salamander.

[] The small lake that wasn't on the map.

[] [] [] [] []

[] Bill contemplates ways across the some of the rapids leading up to the final drop.

[] Terrence risks life and limb on the edge (a theme, perhaps?), while Leo turns to me, 'cause obviously I'm doing something more interesting.

[] The crowd arrives down the final scramble. Be careful on this stretch, three of us got pretty scratched up, including one tumble and full-length laid out impact into the sand.

[] [] Phil, Terrence and Leo risking rogue waves on the beach.

[] And climbing back up the rapids that lead to the falls.

[] On the way back (and this seemed to have changed since the way out, none of us remembers them in this quantity), the puddles along the trail were filled with salamanders.