Change Appearance and Color Scheme
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Dan rants on web design

For a short time I used the default color scheme for all pages on Flutterby. Alas, too many incompetent morons masquerading as "web designers" didn't override the default text value when overriding background colors, and reading a light colored font on a white background doesn't work.

As someone who works with computers a lot, I prefer a light on dark color scheme. Many people who use mainly paper prefer dark on light. Still others want to easily parse the page and would rather not have any formatting information. This compromise lets us all get what we want. And it lets me get a little nuts with headers occasionally, I really did like the old rainbow title, and that'll be coming back.

So, Flutterby's default is still your browser's default, but now you can set a cookie to change the color scheme. The cookie is named "colorscheme", has the values "wb" or "bw", is persistent for 10 years, is restricted to web sites in the "" domain, and will not be used for anything but displaying a page in the requested color scheme. No privacy is being compromised.

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