Saturday August 30th, 2014

wonders of the Internet

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The wonders of the Internet: Learning that the part I'm about to buy for $80 quantity 1 goes for $23.75 each quantity 12.

Friday August 29th, 2014

Realizing that Facebook's showing

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Realizing that Facebook's showing threads to friends of friends removes context and lowers the quality of discourse.

Grogono Generator

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The Grogono Generator: an Apologia, on good and bad random number generators, including some beautiful visualizations of "random" number generators:

When it is used with good RNGs, the results of the Pickover Test are rather boring: it just draws spheres. The test is much more effective when it is used with a bad RNG, because it produces pretty pictures. In particular, the Grogono Generator is so bad that it generates quite delightful patterns. Here are some examples, starting with three from my generator.

RT tonitonirocca Genders are like

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RT @tonitonirocca: Genders are like cars, everyone keeps telling me I abso need one and I keep going "I LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO"

Perl vs sed and awk

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I haven't bothered to learn sed and awk, largely because extra neurons for something Perl already does passably seemed like a waste. I'd assumed that I was, at the very least, paying a startup penalty, but generally for one-liners who cares?

RC3: Surprisingly, Perl outperforms sed and Awk shows that the tool getting the optimization attention blows the ones that aren't out of the water. So, yeah: just use Perl.

Null results

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Thursday August 28th, 2014

I think that turned out nicely

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I think that turned out nicely...

Getting better with the freehand

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Getting better with the free-hand router (with picture)

Getting better with the free-hand router

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Getting better with the free-hand router

Ferguson round-up

Dan Lyke comments (0) 7 important details that can help us understand Ferguson. A good run-down of all of the bullshit we've been told about Ferguson and the killing of Michael Brown. And fart jokes.

And also points out that the damage that came out of the Ferguson protests was actually less than what seems to happen when a professional sportsball team wins a championship.

Proper error messages

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Proper error messages, when telling you that "X" is not a valid option, will enumerate valid options. Grrr.

Bash One Liners

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Cornered last night by a wifi and

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Cornered last night by a "wifi and electrical circuits are irradiating us all" crazy. Need to get better at disengaging from those loons.

Wednesday August 27th, 2014

Give the judge a snack

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Randal Olson: The best and worst times to have your case reviewed by a judge. Which means that there are currently people in prison because the judge was hungry.

Torture and its consequences

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Interview with a man tortured by the British, including about how that torture made him sympathize more with the IRA.

If I'd have known your name at the time, I can assure you you'd be an IRA mountie.

asset forfeiture

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RT @drewtoothpaste:

We Pulled Over Kids With Weed And Stole And Sold Their Parents' Cars To Get This Murder Van

This vehicle was purchased with drug seizure funds

Girl problems

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RT Bucky Isotope ‏@BuckyIsotope:

If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son, you're getting paid 30% less than your male counterparts and people call you a bitch.

Cannabis vs opiods

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JAMA Network: Medical Cannabis Laws and Opioid Analgesic Overdose Mortality in the United States, 1999-2010:

States with medical cannabis laws had a 24.8% lower mean annual opioid overdose mortality rate (95% CI, −37.5% to −9.5%; P = .003) compared with states without medical cannabis laws. Examination of the association between medical cannabis laws and opioid analgesic overdose mortality in each year after implementation of the law showed that such laws were associated with a lower rate of overdose mortality that generally strengthened over time ...


Tuesday August 26th, 2014

Sage: Open Source Mathematics Software: You don't really think that Sage has failed, do you?

I am trying to figure out my next steps. I love Open Source software and the development environments that it provides. However, I'm also seeing that the models for revenue, and the markets for selling individual applications, which run on people's own hardware, with that ecosystem is limited.

This explores some of the ideas.

poisoned NUL

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Google Project Zero: The poisoned NUL byte, 2014 edition. Fascinating account of figuring out how to exploit an off-by-one error in glibc's memory allocation code into privilege escalation. Good things to think about for any coder, especially anyone working in C or C++, but also in how we think about building larger systems.

St Louis & Ferguson PD perfidy

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"Internet ate my email" is the new version of Reagan's "I don't remember", but it gets worse. Not only are the St Louis County and Ferguson police seeding lies and misdirection into press coverage, they're making up paperwork after the fact to try to cover up corruption: St. Louis County and Ferguson Police Violating Public Records Laws Regarding Michael Brown Shooting Death:

What is also clear from the record as well as my conversations with Lt. Burk – this record of this Incident Report was created in response to my request, rather than at the time of the incident as is normally required, and that it intentionally has been created to withhold the key narrative elements, normally provided and required under law, that make the report useful and that is what the public is seeking according to our rights under the law.

Just an update. We've been at BurningMan since Friday (early) For us, it's been awesome. A lot has changed, much much more organized (in good and bad ways). Incredible scale and quality of art. Lots of logistical issues caused by some rain, bus service and will-call horror stories abound. And I'm sitting in the RV with just enough 'net to check my crisis email address and post this. Might be too much 'net :)

Java Mockery OTD

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Your Java mockery of the day: Enterprise Quality Coding: Fizz Buzz Enterprise Edition.

Because I RT'd Reginald Braithwaite @raganwald:

Important: It’s not enough to avoid writing code in the Java language. You must also avoid writing Java in another coding language.

Blair Mountain

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Yesterday marked the 93rd anniversary of the Battle of Blair Mountain, in which over ten thousand coal miners squared off against thousands of police officers and mercenaries, the largest domestic armed conflict outside of the Civil War in American history. From two years ago, Archeology Magazine writes about the issues around gaining access to the site to understand that history...

As the miners neared Chafin’s three-mile defensive line along Spruce Fork Ridge, open war broke out. Archaeologists estimate that a million rounds were fired over the battle’s five days. It is not known how many people were killed, but according to historians, estimates range from 20 to 100, which seems oddly low, considering the number of men involved and the intensity of the fighting. One early newspaper account stated that the miners were loading their dead into boxcars, but said little more about casualties. ...

Charleston Gazette: Fight to preserve Blair Mountain, labor history, continues.

Monday August 25th, 2014

Find the real threat

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Find the real threat: SFGate front page has a huge "massive quake damage" header, "Pedestrian hit and killed by Muni bus" in the side bar.

I haven't been riding much recently, except for the Joe Rodota trail from downtown Santa Rosa to work, where I know to wait for the assholes who run the light (and often wave cheerfully to us as they assert the right of way by dint of tonnage).

But I keep seeing accident reports. And keep thinking that I really should have two cameras running on the bike at all times, and start posting video of the most egregious violators of the rules of the road, so that we can make cycling safer overall. is a bicycling tail light + camera combo.

I smell a mainframe

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RT Carl Malamud ‏@carlmalamud:

@jessamyn @SteveBellovin They use an awful lot of upper-case. I smell a mainframe.

Square dance links

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drones & damage

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When I took my CERT training, I had recently attended WhereCamp and talked with people who were playing with kites and balloons and various other technologies for aerial photography (including our very own Eric). One of the discussions at CERT was about doing quick wide area damage assessments, and one of the take-aways from the people who'd done real crisis response at WhereCamp was that in an actual emergency, HAM radio is obsolete, what you really want is point-to-point WiFi so you can move serious amounts of imagery and real data.

And in subsequent disaster preparedness meetings, I heard the HAM guys bitch about how in drills all of their information was tolerated and then simply dropped on the floor.

So even at the time, I was thinking how it'd be cool to have interested citizens with the capabilities able to move actual imagery around to help on wider-scale triage efforts. It ain't really there yet, but...

Some n-copter drone video of the Napa/American Canyon earthquake damage.

Pirate ship

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Wooden Boat forum: Pirate ship finally out of the garage and ready for rigging. Be sure to check the rigged pictures on page 2.

It's been a while since our boat build and we haven't had the boat out this summer. Got a ton of work we're doing on the house, but if we ever build another one, that's the target.

knife block

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Shadow forwarded along this instructables on building a really cool guy holding a shield wood knife holder/block. I've seen the stabbed guy one in plastic, but I like the shield motif of this.

Two Years Collecting Data

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What I've Learned from Two Years Collecting Data on Police Killings:

The biggest thing I've taken away from this project is something I'll never be able to prove, but I'm convinced to my core: The lack of such a database is intentional. No government—not the federal government, and not the thousands of municipalities that give their police forces license to use deadly force—wants you to know how many people it kills and why.

That's certainly consistent with the Bureau of Justice Statistics slicing data every which way but killings by police officers...

Square dancing OH

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Square dancing OH: "There are only six possible arrangements of boys and girls." / "That's not what the Cosmo article said."

Sunday August 24th, 2014

Charlene working on the roof

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Charlene working on the roof

Charlene, gesturing: "Did you screw up that thing?" I undoubtedly did, but more specifics would help me answer correctly...

3:20 this morning, 6.1 near American Canyon. I felt it, but didn't think it worth getting out of bed for, Charlene slept through.

Friday August 22nd, 2014

Police Violence

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Every loyalty program interaction is an

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Every loyalty program interaction is an opportunity for you to explore how you're being gamed and/or A/B tested.

NYT stenography

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Thursday August 21st, 2014

Can you count how many shots does it take to subdue a man who stole a couple sodas?

One could expect a new trend of faked videos. Instead of UFOs or airplane crashes, we'll get faked videos of cops shooting suspects. For now, there's not much need to fake it...

Eagerly embracing Web 3

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Eagerly embracing Web 3.0, because it means Web 3.11 For Workgroups is coming, and that'll be the version that doesn't suck. Then: Web 95.


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Need a place to stash some thoughts for square dance patter music:

Wednesday August 20th, 2014

Before I write one

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Before I write one: suggestions for an embedded web app server? (irrigation controller that needs state management & hardware control)

Markup language

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Obligation is a derail

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Obligation is a derail: Some thoughts on negotiation in loving relationships:

Obligation is a distraction from the real issue, which is, “Do I feel that making you happy in this way is worth what it will cost me?*” Sometimes the answer is no, and that is an acutely uncomfortable thing to say, which is why we shy away from it and use “obligation” as a screen. ...

A number of things in here, I need to read this through a few times.

Recalled nut butters

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To check when I get home: nSPIRED Natural Foods, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Certain Retail Lots Of Arrowhead Mills® Peanut Butters, Maranatha® Almond Butters And Peanut Butters And Specific Private Label Nut Butters Because Of Possible Health Risk. The private label brands include Trader Joe's and Whole Foods 365.

Also note that Arrowhead Mills, Maranatha, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Safeway Open Nature, and Kroeger's house brand are all the same thing. Hmmm...

Am I American Enough?

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