Sunday April 19th, 2015


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Fingerprints, DNA, and now hair matching? What's the next prosecutorial/evidence tool to be grouped with phrenology?

Friday April 17th, 2015

Saw someone use the abbreviation

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Saw someone use the abbreviation "PCP" to mean "Primary Care Provider", but my immediate reaction was "drugs are not the answer to this!"

5:00! And it's Stumptown Stomp weekend! If anyone needs me, look elsewhere, 'cause I'm out in Guerneville square dancin'!

assault for jaywalking

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Yet another bullshit "resisting arrest" charge comes under scrutiny when video shows up: Video casts new light on use of force in Santa Rosa jaywalking case:

The video, taken by a neighbor, contradicts Blount’s court testimony earlier this week that he placed both of his hands on Moon’s shoulders and pushed her down, said Moon’s lawyer, Izaak Schwaiger. The 17-year law enforcement veteran did not know the video existed before testifying before Judge Jamie Thistlethwaite, Schwaiger said.

the video, which I haven't watched.


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This. Is. Hilarious.

Inspirational quotes for drinking:

From /r/Drunkspiration.

Via JWZ, who's cherry-picked some of the best ones

Why American Eggs Would Be Illegal In A British Supermarket, And Vice Versa. I knew about the refrigeration thing (although I didn't know the argument about refrigerating the eggs causing condensation on them), but I didn't know that salmonella could be vaccinated against at a cost of $.40/chicken...

... In 1997, there were 14,771 reported cases of salmonella poisoning there, by 2009 this had dropped to just 581 cases. About 90 percent of British eggs now come from vaccinated hens – it’s required for producers who want to belong to the Lion scheme. ...

Whoah: The Placebome: The Impact of Genetics to the Placebo Response

“We’re discovering that the placebo is not the only component in the placebo effect,” explains the paper’s coauthor Ted Kaptchuk, Director of the PiPS at BIDMC and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. “These neurotransmitter pathways, which are modified by genetics, are pathways that both drugs and the placebo act on. This now suggests that a drug could change a placebo response and a placebo response could modify a drug response.”

Looks like it's Trends in Molecular Medicine: Genetics and the placebo effect: the placebome Kathryn T. Hallemail, Joseph Loscalzo and Ted J. Kaptchuk

Sally Mann on Sally Mann

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NY Times: The cost of Sally Mann's Exposure. Sally Mann, known for her black and white photography which includes pictures of her children, naked, muses on art, the fallout from the publication of those pictures, and how perception and culture impact the artist's work. Worth reading the whole thing.

Once the work was out in the world, I was puzzled as to why that sensuous beauty should be signposted as controversial, while magazine pages were filled with prurient images of young girls, all aimed at selling commercial products. Lanning understood and noted the difference between the images of my children’s bodies and those of the pornographers or the profane consumer culture. That day in Quantico, he reassured me on some points but cautioned me on others: No, law enforcement wasn’t likely to come after me, he said, but I was in for a rough time nevertheless.

Thursday April 16th, 2015

Spending on "security"

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Why lawmakers are increasingly losing faith in America’s top drug cop:

In 2011, the Washington Post wrote about a report on the deaths of hundreds of children at the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Asked to comment on the findings, Leonhart said that “it may seem contradictory, but the unfortunate level of violence is a sign of success in the fight against drugs.”

Relatedly, it is oft pointed out that of the nations top 10 in military spending, the United States spends more than the other 9 combined. It was recently pointed out to me that more than half of the remainder is spent by U.S. allies.

So ¾ of the combined top 10 in military spending are allies, and yet... not being spent very efficiently, is it? Or the goal isn't peace.

OH: "I read it with an eastern european accent in my head, so that helps"

Fixture fail

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Fixture fail

Kung Fury music video

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Back in 2013 I linked to Laser Unicorn's kickstarter for Kung Fury, an '80s themed kung fu cop time traveling dinosaur movie.

Metafilter informs me that they raised $630k, are hoping for release soon, and David Hasselhof has done the video for their theme song.

It only took us 25 years, but we have now reached peak '80s.

Addendum: Other '80s incident happened today: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser #2. Which, admittedly, looks like it could be the first Star Wars film in over 30 years, but I like Nick Turner's Twitter take on this.

sex ed commentary

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Edit: Among other things, here's her article at The Stranger

This is awesome. Alice Dreger sat in on her son's abstinence based sex ed class, and live-tweeted it.

Other excerpts:

Her book, Galileo's Middle Finger: Heretics, Activists, and the Search for Justice in Science, looks pretty good, and her Twitter stream says she's got an essay about the experience coming soon to The Stranger, will link when that happens.

Meanwhile, we're hand watering individual plants rather than running the whole drip system


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Seth Godin: I am anti-business, and you might be too:

The term anti-business actually seems to mean, “against short-term waste, harmful side effects and selfish shortcuts.”


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netconnectd, a tool to manage network connections on headless devices, and if it can't connect to a network, configures itself as an AP so that you can connect to it and configure it.

It's Thursday

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It's Thursday, which means: Santa Rosa, noon, Marlow & West College: Pupusas and conversation.

Email, the New York Times "from $5 and Enjoy the New Men's Style Section". NYT Style? Dudes, I get The Onion for free!

To Anacreon in heaven

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RT Paul Palubicki (@paplikaplik)

The Star Spangled Banner is about explosions and battle set to an old drinking song. We basically have the Michael Bay of national anthems

Wednesday April 15th, 2015

Careful with the data

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Lawyer representing whistle blowers finds malware on drive supplied by cops

All three trojans are usually easily detected by antivirus software. In an affidavit filed in the whistle-blower case, Campbell's security consultant said it's unlikely the files were copied to the hard drive by accident, given claims by Fort Smith police that department systems ran real-time AV protection.

Re-examining cases

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Evidence from Chicago detective Richard Zuley's cases re-examined for multiple exonerations. Chicago cop who went on to be a Guantanamo Bay torturer...

Yeah, move around, be enthusiastic

So SolarCity is selling these leases to

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So SolarCity is selling these leases to investment banks. Solar subsidies are going straight from taxpayers to J.P. Morgan pockets...

Turned back on the roof irrigation at

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Turned back on the roof irrigation at minimal levels...

What Yahoo got out of making several

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What Yahoo got out of making several million Firefox users have to change their search engine back to something reasonable is unclear.

Just shy of 200 for my Callerlab

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Just shy of $200 for my Callerlab renewal and BMI/ASCAP fees. Have to call a bunch of square dancing to make this worthwhile...

MitM against crypto software

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Evidence of man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks against cryptography software downloaded on servers in Europe. Presumably state sponsored.

Time to start super carefully checking your downloads against published hashes...

Internet & BBS culture

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Imposter Syndrome

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Snerk: RT Matthew Hankins ‏@mc_hankins:

Imposter Syndrome is over-diagnosed in academia; most 'cases' turn out to be actual imposters @PhDefunct a Barbie world

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When you type your carefully memorized

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When you type your carefully memorized long randomly generated password into an IRC window. Time to retrain neurons...

Saw a DC resident complaining about

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Saw a DC resident complaining about paying taxes but not having a say in how its spent. Yeah, we all have to buy congresspeople separately.

Why the modern internet sucks

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Why the modern internet sucks: The original Tomagothi web page is gone, and there's no phone app for it.

Tuesday April 14th, 2015

Capacitors go pop!

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JameCo has a little video of reversed polarity and over-voltage on capacitors. (direct YouTube link)

Refreshing for marketing material in that it just gets right down to things going pop and boom.

TSA groping

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Less than one in a thousand

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Washington Post: Fatal shootings by on-duty police officers: an analysis.

Among the thousands of fatal shootings at the hands of police since 2005, only 54 officers have been charged, a Post analysis found. Most were cleared or acquitted in the cases that have been resolved.

Via Daily Kos.

Brooks on "intimate friendship"

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Ya know, I don't know if pointing this out is just encouraging the New York Times engaging in link baiting, or if I'm calling out someone taken seriously.

New York Times: David Brooks: The Lost Language of Privacy:

Cop-cams chip away at that. The cameras will undermine communal bonds. Putting a camera on someone is a sign that you don’t trust him, or he doesn’t trust you. When a police officer is wearing a camera, the contact between an officer and a civilian is less likely to be like intimate friendship and more likely to be oppositional and transactional. Putting a camera on an officer means she is less likely to cut you some slack, less likely to not write that ticket, or to bend the regulations a little as a sign of mutual care.

Holy shit, can he not see how fucking privileged that is? The Facebook teaser for this said:

I support putting cameras on the police, but we need to acknowledge that we will pay a high price for them in lost privacy and social trust.

No, asshole, this isn't about losing that social trust, this is about re-gaining that trust. Ya know, that morons like this have writing gigs with international stature is a good reminder that humans are stupid.

Monday April 13th, 2015

Hillary Bold

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RT Rick Wolff ‏@RickWolff:

Hillary Bold. Because, America. You're welcome.


Edit: Talking Points memo has a bit more, including RT Rick Wolff @RickWolff:

I went for directionlessness. RT @JonQuixote: @seanbonner @monteiro @sdkstl @hughcartoons … it doesn't point left often enough.

Wake me when the Internet of Things is

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Wake me when the Internet of Things is more than making my sock drawer blink 12:00, and refuse to open when it rains.

Hunky Jesus

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Bwahahaha! “Hunky Jesus” Forced to Cede Title After Shocking Discovery That He Believes in Jesus:

Scandal rocked San Francisco’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence this week after the discovery that 2015’s newly crowned “Hunky Jesus” is actually religious.

“We’re reeling from the news,” said spokeswoman Sister Gloriana Rimjob. “Obviously we had no idea until the pictures surfaced.”

Golden Ratio is bullshit

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FastCo Design: The Golden Ratio: Design's Biggest Myth:

Devlin's experiments aren't the only ones to show people don't prefer the golden ratio. A study from the Haas School of Business at Berkeley found that, on average, consumers prefer rectangles that are in the range of 1.414 and 1.732. The range contains the golden rectangle, but its exact dimensions are not the clear favorite.

Confirmation bias. It's a thing.

Yeesh: The marketing folks aren't even pretending to speak English any more. RT HP Insights ‏@HPInsights:

51% digital leaders are extreme users of #cloud than their peers. #HPInsights

Sunday April 12th, 2015

Using up leftovers

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Using up leftovers. Dinner involves tempeh fried in bacon fat. What other foods can I pervert?

Recap of the 2015 Bodega Bay

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Recap of the 2015 Bodega Bay Fisherman's Festival Wooden Boat Challenge, in a page

Saturday April 11th, 2015

Final heat from today's Bodega Bay

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Final heat from today's Bodega Bay Wooden Boat Challenge race

That's the second year we've won the

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That's the second year we've won the mystery material award...

Team Dog Slobber made today about the

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Team Dog Slobber made today about the teenagers, who paddled with great speed but low velocity to 4th place

Practice paddling

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Practice paddling

Team Dog Slobber

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Team Dog Slobber

Team Dog Slobber uses the mystery

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Team Dog Slobber uses the mystery material

It's Bodega Bay Wooden Boat Challenge

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It's Bodega Bay Wooden Boat Challenge Day!

Friday April 10th, 2015

Helmet bill sunk!

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RT Bob Gunderson ‏@Bob_Gunderson:

Mandatory Helmet Bill Is Gutted: Now Asks for Study on how to shame bikers

That article mentions this call to revisit the youth helmet law, pointing out:

To help answer that question, let’s compare against reported pedestrian accidents, shown in the following time-series graph. It is interesting that the youth pedestrian TBI rate saw a similar rate of decline — even though there is no pedestrian helmet mandate. This suggests the decline in cycling head injuries was mainly due to fewer kids walking and biking, and not a result of the helmet mandate.

WTF Crossing attendant at Rodota and

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WTF? Crossing attendant at Rodota and Stony Point telling me to my walk my bike?

is a long time coming Gun Deaths

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This is a long time coming: Gun Deaths Outpace Motor Vehicle Deaths in 17 States and D.C. in 2013

Thursday April 9th, 2015

Android photo issue is why I hate

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This Android photo issue is why I hate prepackaged computer stuff: Because it's all broken, and without source there's no way to fix it.

Android photo albums

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Android photo albums: WTF? Can view the pictures on our laptops just fine, put them on tablets, 1/3 of them show up as black.

Whatever state Mercury is in

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Whatever state Mercury is in, Scooby Doo is in ruhrograde.

Running jpegtran by hand because the

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Running jpegtran by hand because the Android 4.4 image gallery apparently can't deal with progressive JPEGs. Bet it's written in Java...

Is Mercury in remove people's critical

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Is Mercury in "remove people's critical thinking abilities and make them forget what they've successfully done for months"-rograde today?

Protect and serve

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NYPD detective suspended after video shows him taking cash during Brooklyn deli raid.

"I look at my system, I see the officer took the money," he said. "It's crazy...At least give it to the sergeant. But he cannot put it in his own pocket."

We live in an amazing time: These actions can now be documented and proven.


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... is an open source, document-oriented, JSON database that runs on top of PostgreSQL. JSON documents are stored relationally, not as a blob/jsonb. This leads to significant storage and I/O savings. It speaks natively the MongoDB protocol, meaning that it can be used with any mongo-compatible client.

I was actually just wondering if anyone has done a compatibility layer to let MySQL clients talk to PostgreSQL...

most dangerous exercise

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A potentially bad precedent in California, about the proposed helmet law, with the awesome observation in the comments that:

...with the possible exception of “extreme sports”, the most dangerous exercise is none.