Saturday October 3rd, 2015

Saw "Grandma"

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Saw "Grandma". First half hour was wondering where it was going, after that... Spawned some good long discussion.

Thinking about disciplines that are

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Thinking about disciplines that are completely different if you prefix with "evidence-based"... medicine, marketing, software development...

At Copperfield's waiting for

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At Copperfield's waiting for @theauthorguy Christopher Moore

Sean at the Analy High School Jazz Band

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Sean at the Analy High School Jazz Band fundraiser. My trumpet has gone to a great new owner

Friday October 2nd, 2015

Day two of doing my whole commute by

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Day two of doing my whole commute by bike. Gotta make this a habit.

Email subject

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Email subject: "SAY NO to Domestic Violence Conference on the 7th - 9th..." Why should I be against this gathering? #waitwhat?

OMG yes: Every recruiter email, ever (With apologies to the few good recruiters out there...)

So I know somebody who knows somebody who's on this boat. But as I was reading this article, I had an epiphany about design. Look at the quoted NWS text at the bottom. You see, when trying to clearly communicate facts, we drop back to monospaced fonts, terse wording. Simple. Clear. The result of decades of evolution in how we communicate.

Next time a designer is trying to tell you you need 3mb of downloaded fonts to display some web page, note that this is directly antithetical to decades of experience in how to clearly communicate facts over computer networks.

Which is fine, it just means that whoever's doing that with their web page is intending to lie to you. the rain on the last day...

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Go read this: RT Eric Wagoner ‏@ewagoner:

“I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972 - m4w (Old State House)”

Update Thong

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RT chort [US Person] @chort0

"Update thong"??? Ubuntu, you are TRASH. This is blatantly stupid and NO ONE WANTS THIS. NO ONE.


I think it's time to switch back to Debian, and send some bucks their way.

PyFieri, a full-throttle Guy Fieri menu generator that's off da hook.

bike gives time to stop and enjoy the

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The bike gives time to stop and enjoy the scenery

Thursday October 1st, 2015

Gun legislation vs abortion legislation

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RT Ana Marie Cox ‏@anamariecox:

Maybe gun purchasers should undergo a transvaginal ultrasound and be informed by a doctor of the possible consequences of their actions.

RT Ana Marie Cox ‏@anamariecox"

Look, we're not trying to take away your guns, we just want your gun decisions to *be informed* and your gun procedures to be *safe.*

RT Ana Marie Cox ‏@anamariecox:

You wouldn't even need a gun if you lived your life according to Biblical principles. Here, come to my gun crisis center and I'll explain.

This is re the shooting spree at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg Oregon that left at least 13 dead. It should also be noted that guns are allowed on campus.

60 Minutes fed questions for Wikileaks

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Your daily reminder than the major "news" organizations are the propaganda arm of the military industrial complex: RT Edward Snowden ‏@Snowden:

New government doc states @60Minutes planted government questions to shape @Wikileaks interview. If true, sad to see.


RT Edward Snowden ‏@Snowden:

Official government source on the @60Minutes email:

Re the outroar and uprage over the "Peeple" service, ie: Everyone you know will be able to rate you on the terrifying ‘Yelp for people’ — whether you want them to or not. So what I'm hearing is that we're trending towards ★☆☆☆☆ reviews for any Yelp for Yelp for [anything] service.

BTW, it seems like the right thing to do for this Peeple service is to never sign up.

Google tells me the bike route is 17

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Google tells me the bike route is 17.4 miles to work. Just a hair over an hour. Even hitting every stop sign and light through downtown.

So much for clean diesel

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Wednesday September 30th, 2015

Thinking about how tech companies used

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Thinking about how tech companies used to court nerds as early adopters, but the nerds I know are eschewing connected devices...

Hey, my friend Debra Hyde was doing some sort of tweet storm about now, so I'm helping her sell lesbian erotica!

Windows Update cracked?

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CJ passed along this reminder of times gone by...


I believe this to be the work of Alexander Medvedev:

Interview at

UCLA’s free Energy Atlas uncovers L.A. buildings’ role in greenhouse gas emissions

... The atlas reveals for the first time that the most inefficient buildings in the county aren’t the oldest, but structures from the 1970s. Users of the atlas will find that residents of Malibu use the most energy per capita and the denizens of Avalon on Catalina Island use the least. And while homes in many low-income neighborhoods are less efficient per square foot than homes in wealthy neighborhoods, well-off neighborhoods use more energy per person. For example, the average person consumes 10 times as much electricity in Malibu as in Bell, and countywide, wealthy areas consume more than three times as much energy as poor areas. ...

Via Research Buzz.

Prostate health

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mistressmatisse Retweeted Scuba @ScubaSteve732:

Looking forward to a wearable device that performs regular prostate checks.

RT @mistressmatisse:

I have a wearable device that checks prostates. Other people's, though.

RT Bianca LaVagina ‏@AnitaHelmet:

Humans are infinitely able to evolve and adapt. For instance, I've learned to masturbate with the opposite hand I use to type with.

Tuesday September 29th, 2015

RT Al Neun ‏@piraticalartist:

"I used to ride a bicycle, but I found 'bi' to be too limiting. I prefer a pancycle now."

"A what?"

*Distant rumbling of countless wheels*

Cheating car companies

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RT Lesley Carhart ‏@hacks4pancakes:

Think of the "internet of things" as letting 100 strangers walk through your home or work every day to press buttons on all your appliances.

Lunch run 3

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Lunch run 3.5mi, 9:26 min/mi. Need to mix it up to change my times, maybe start running with people again?

RT Andrew Woods ‏@awoods:

You know who does Test Driven Development really well? Volkswagen.

Monday September 28th, 2015

Property Panic

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I admit, we like property shopping. Nancy and I "kick doors" (metaphorically) all the time. So a small office building not far away has been for sale. We looked. Seems solid, has two happy renters and a third area that needs an overhaul to be rentable. It's held by an estate and they seem to be anxious to sell. We lowballed an offer, reasonable but very low.

They accepted.

I'm a bit into panic mode.. gotta get financing.. etc.. Nancy is already planning renovations of the third area.

What I'd love to do is convince where I work to become the third tenant... but that may not be possible for other reasons. The good news, I think if Nancy and I fix it up, it'll rent quickly.

Will provide details when we close. Going to be a fun story.

Bike thieves

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RT Jaydriver Error ‏@PedestrianError:

As much as bike thieves suck, there's tragic irony in realizing someone could get more jail for stealing your bike than killing you on it.

Pertinent to the infamous bandwidth bet: Kyle Mahan: "Celestial events are the closest thing kids will know to missing an episode of a TV show and having to wait for re-runs to see it"

Things I hate about Perl

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Things I hate about Perl: Trying to figure out control flow between modules while debugging buggy CPAN packages.

Sunday September 27th, 2015

Kung fu movies and musicals are really

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"Kung fu movies and musicals are really good analogies for porn" - Shine Louise Houston

Lorentz symmetry

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Turns out the speed of light is really really really constant: Direct terrestrial test of Lorentz symmetry in electrodynamics to 10−18

45.7 miles. And stopped by Occidental Leather so Ted could show off his handiwork

Dark Side

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I'm doing some legitimate research to prepare for a couple of upcoming presentations. And I've scared myself as I understand how easy some of the "theoretical" hacks out there are and how well they work. What did I do that was so scary? Trust a certificate authority that I created and then play with something that can create fake, while proxying real sites with that fake CA signed cert to the target system. I quickly caught and recovered credentials to an HTTPS basic auth site, as well as Twitter and Facebook (cookie/session auth, but captured original login/password). My local web browser: No warnings once I trusted and installed the CA root cert.

What I realize now, beyond bench racing / theory, is how important, in the current design of the net, that trusted CA's are. I really don't think they deserve the trust we have given them.

We need a better end to end mechanism.

For reference, my home playground is: OpenWRT with "Karma", and a Linux system with mitmproxy...

3rd times a charm

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Fresh biscuits

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Fresh biscuits, with elderberry jam made by a neighbor. I can stop any time I want to...

Skipping Folsom Street Fair to go

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Skipping Folsom Street Fair to go bicycle northern Sonoma County. Leather (chamois), pain, yeah, it's similar... 🚲❤

Saturday September 26th, 2015

And the hex singing call https

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And the hex singing call

Practice hexagon teacup chain at the

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Practice hexagon teacup chain at the Leather Lace square dance

Effects of psilocybin on hippocampal neurogenesis

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Effects of psilocybin on hippocampal neurogenesis and extinction of trace fear conditioning

Or: psychedelic mushrooms help regrow neurons, erasing fear paralysis in mice, which makes them something worth exploring in PTSD treatments in humans. Of course the fact that it can help make brains healthy following trauma is probably why they're illegal...

Your fingerprints should be changed

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Your fingerprints should be changed regularly and include mixed case, numbers and punctuation

Drone Panic

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Stop the drone panic – pilots should take their own advice:

This is the latest example of the “safety fad” problem in aviation, a type of industry-wide ADHD. For a few years in the mid-2000s, runway incursions were going to kill us all. Reports of these events skyrocketed almost overnight, and serious FAA presentations warned of huge fatalities if something didn’t change. Millions were spent on technology and training.

And then it was bird strikes, and then... it's devices lighter, smaller, and far less prevalent than birds.

Emissions rules

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UK, France and Germany lobbied for flawed car emissions tests, documents reveal

The WLTP test was supposed to remove loopholes that had allowed a gap between real world CO2 emissions and test cycle ones to develop, which EU consultants have estimated at up to 20%.

But the UK lobbied for car makers to be allowed to exploit flexibilities such as externally charging their batteries to full before testing. The Department for Transport also argued that the best available technologies should be shunned in favour of outdated ‘inertia classes’, which involve manually adding 100 kilo weights to the car to see what effect greater weight on the amount of CO2 the car pumps out.

Friday September 25th, 2015

Twitter has introduced "Highlights"

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Twitter has introduced "Highlights", and, yes, it's like being 9 and waiting in a dentist office with nothing to read all over again.

RT drake diss track ‏@smallspooky

won't rest until boys are kissing at parties to get attention from girls

A comic to add to my reads: Melanie Gillman: As The Crow Flies.

(Recommended in Erika Moen's twitter stream some time ago, just closing out tabs)

RT Eλf Sternberg ‏@elfsternberg:

The time of "peak horse" passed with the invention of the car. We're approaching the time of "peak human:"

Just to get the title of that link in here: Technological Progress Anxiety: Thinking About "Peak Horse" and the Possibility of "Peak Human"

SC transit 48x bike rack is full

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SC transit 48x bike rack is full. Wonder how late the GGT 101x will be this morning?

little bit of color in those clouds

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A little bit of color in those clouds

Thursday September 24th, 2015

Slow Internet

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Who anti-viruses the...

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When even Forbes understands what's going on... Anti-virus Software Could Make You Less Secure Because Vendors Are Ignoring Security Best Practices:

We’ve written before about how antivirus software is not only resource-intensive but in some cases can make you less secure because it can be hacked itself. Now there’s new evidence that Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus software contains bugs which could be remotely exploited in targeted attacks, as Thomas Fox-Brewster reported yesterday. Some of these bugs are detailed in a blog post written by information security engineer Tavis Ormandy, a member of Google’s Project Zero vulnerability research team.

"... come out to play!"

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I came here to chew bubblegum

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I came here to chew bubblegum, and to allocate IPv4 addresses... And I am all out of... damn it.

How's your day going?

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How's your day going?

$ history | grep perl

*** Error in `bash': free(): invalid pointer: 0x000000000098e9c0 ***

Car industry 'buried report revealing US car safety flaws over fears for TTIP deal'.

The major study was commissioned by the car industry to show that existing EU and US safety standards were broadly similar.

But the research actually established that American models are much less safe when it comes to front-side collisions, a common cause of accidents that often result in serious injuries.

No, renaming the .xlsx file to end in .xls does not make it a .xls file. Give you an "A" for effort, though.

Breaking Bad: Are Meth Labs Justified in Dry Counties?, Fernandez, Gohmann & Pinkston:

This paper examines the influence of local alcohol prohibition on the prevalence of methamphetamine labs. Using multiple sources of data for counties in Kentucky, we compare various measures of meth manufacturing in wet, moist, and dry counties. Our preferred estimates address the endogeneity of local alcohol policies by using as instrumental variables data on religious affiliations in the 1930s, when most local-option votes took place. Alcohol prohibition status is influenced by the percentage of the population that is Baptist, consistent with the “bootleggers and Baptists” model. Our results suggest that the number of meth lab seizures in Kentucky would decrease by 24.4 percent if all counties became wet.

Via Marginal Revolution

ADHD & mortality

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Eyes on Evidence - September 2015 (PDF), scroll down to "Mortality in people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder".

The study cohort comprised 1,922,248 people followed up for up to 32 years (24,907,560 person–years). A total of 32,061 people in the cohort had a diagnosis of AD HD (183,049 person–years of observation), 107 of whom died during follow-up. All-cause mortality was 5.85 per 10,000 person–years among people with ADHD, compared with 2.21 per 10,000 person–years in people without ADHD. The risk of death among people with ADHD was more than double that in the general population (adjusted mortality rate ratio [MRR]=2.07, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.70 to 2.50, p<0.0001).

Just had a conversation with someone yesterday about people we've known were going to burn hard and burn bright and burn out early. People we're surprised made it this long. It goes on to point out that "42 [77.8%] of these deaths were accidents"...

Grrrr... wondering if I'll regret waiting for the GGT101x over the SCT48x. 5 minutes late so far...

More sunrise

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More sunrise

Good morning

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Good morning, Petaluma!