Thursday July 2nd, 2015

Takei to Thomas

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Affirmative Consent

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On changing the world

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Outrage culture changed the world: “PC” critics are wrong — marriage equality happened because activists used shame and rage. Some thoughts worth keeping in mind as organizations like the Human Rights Campaign continue claiming victory from the appeasement path.

Because we were spooked by the idea that we’d “underestimated the religious vote.” Because we saw Newsom’s famous “Whether you like it or not” quoted in Republican attack ad after attack ad and we retreated in disarray, crying disaster.

Because, in a word, we were chickenshit.

Wednesday July 1st, 2015

Some sort of police activity on the pier

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Some sort of police activity on the pier. Embarcadero blocked off and diverted.

DOJ faults Ferguson PD

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look, y'all, if you thought the @NYTimes had credibility on guacamole, you weren't paying attention on the Iraq invasion.

Tuesday June 30th, 2015

Signs of aging

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Signs of aging: seeing "crazy bitch" on the profile of social media spammer and wondering who thinks that's attractive as self description?

Bad roads are costing us Time to

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Bad roads are costing us! Time to abandon them and move off the auto lifestyle.

Business telephone calls are a you're

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Business telephone calls are a "you're from the previous generation" signifier:

Ugh. Woke up at 4 this morning. Came into the office early. Multiple simultaneous interruptions all day. Time to go dancing.

Brilliant setup Have you checked all

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Brilliant setup: "Have you checked all of their phone lines?"


"Well, what does the fax say?"

little slower on the 2

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A little slower on the 2.4 mile short loop today: just about 9 minutes/mile. Call it a recovery day. And it's hot out there!

Just registered for the Santa Rosa

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Just registered for the Santa Rosa Marathon, Sunday August 23rd. Goal: finishing in under the 7 hours the course is open.

Amazon: Introducing s2n - a new Open Source TLS implementation. This is a replacement for the "libssl" portion of OpenSSL, it doesn't replace libcrypto.

In order to simplify our TLS implementation and as part of our support for strong encryption for everyone, we are pleased to announce availability of a new Open Source implementation of the TLS protocol: s2n.  s2n is a library that has been designed to be small, fast, with simplicity as a priority. s2n avoids implementing rarely used options and extensions, and today is just more than 6,000 lines of code. As a result of this, we’ve found that it is easier to review s2n; we have already completed three external security evaluations and penetration tests on s2n, a practice we will be continuing.

So is there any glory in just

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So is there any glory in "just finishing" a marathon? Considering the Santa Rosa one, just for trying to finish sub 7 hours.

Monday June 29th, 2015

Chattanooga historical films

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Online discussion which credits GoF

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Online discussion which credits GoF book with popularizing MVC. Those who do not learn from history...

Extended the run to 4

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Extended the run to 4.5 miles, 9:34min/mile but including stopping to return a pursuing dog to its owner, and a long stretch on rough grass.

Google Maps tells me it's 4.7 miles, which ups it to 9:09 min/mi.

Death penalty

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RT Peter Gleick ‏@PeterGleick:

Scalia rules death penalty executions are apparently legal if done with power plant mercury emissions.

If you've been wondering where the next

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If you've been wondering where the next episode of Journey Quest is:

Sunday June 28th, 2015

Bottled water ban

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American Journal of Public Health: The Unintended Consequences of Changes in Beverage Options and the Removal of Bottled Water on a University Campus, Elizabeth R. Berman, BS, and Rachel K. Johnson, PhD, MPH, RD:

Results. Per capita shipments of bottles, calories, sugars, and added sugars increased significantly when bottled water was removed. Shipments of healthy beverages declined significantly, whereas shipments of less healthy beverages increased significantly. As bottled water sales dropped to zero, sales of sugar-free beverages and sugar-sweetened beverages increased.

Via JWZ.

How are camera makers trying to differentiate themselves now that everyone has a high quality phone bolted on to their cell phone? Nikon's P900 point & shoot with 83x optical zoom, pointed at the moon (YouTube video).

$600. For an F6.5 birding camera (F2.8 on the close end).

Some reviews:

Via MeFi.

RT Paul Coombs ‏@paulcoombsart

#Dildoflagman it is I.

Hello world. I come in peace & love (& defiant dildos) Thank you all for the support cxx3

which linked to RT @dildoflag

#DILDOFLAG MAN is @paulcoombsart, a dong-obsessed artist from London. Go say thanks! :) #isisdildo #buttplugflag


Yay dildoflags!

What draws the crowds?

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Something to consider next time your local sportsball franchise is asking for subsidies because of what they allegedly do for the local economy: RT Eλf Sternberg ‏@elfsternberg:

The southernmost light rail terminal to Seattle is full. On a Sunday. For Pride. That doesn't happen for football or baseball games!

Hike discussion of Russia

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Hike discussion of Russia. Scary thought of the moment: what if Bush, Cheney and Wolfowitz had been the response to the Ukraine situation?

Looking south

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Looking south...

Looking east from this morning's hike

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Looking east from this morning's hike

Saturday June 27th, 2015

Dry fitting the vanity door

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Dry fitting the vanity door, trying to take advantage of every bit of space

Friday June 26th, 2015

Alice & Eve

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RT Miss Witch ‏@evilgaywitch


RT Miss Witch ‏@evilgaywitch

“Eve carefully tried to monitor Alice’s messages to Bob, to see if she really loved him, or if her friendship with Alice was something more”

RT Miss Witch ‏@evilgaywitch

It’s not “Adam and Eve”, it’s “Alice and Eve”, haven’t you read any cryptography papers, Bob is just Alice’s beard.

Bo & Luke catch a Brokeback Mountain screening

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This week in one photo, from Facebook user John Pearley Huffman who credited Brian Thomas Collins.



I'm a software developer who has made

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I'm a software developer who has made ink squirt on to page, which is why I'm running around trying to figure out printer config.

Anyone know anything about licensing

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Anyone know anything about licensing old (1940s) radio show scripts? I know how to do music mechanicals...

I like what the Supreme Court has been

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I like what the Supreme Court has been doing on my birthdays: Obergefell v. Hodges opinion makes same sex marriage legal nationwide!

The opinion:

Thursday June 25th, 2015

Procedural Justice

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Procedural Justice: The simple idea that could transform US criminal justice. On Judge Victoria Pratt in a Newark, New Jersey municipal court.

Criminal justice systems everywhere run on the assumption that people obey the law because they are afraid of punishment. B Tyler argued that the key factor is legitimacy: people obey the law because they believe the state has the right to tell them what to do. Broad legitimacy matters more than whether people believe an individual law to be right or wrong – although the public’s view about individual laws can influence broad legitimacy.

Every time says privacy in the

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Every time says "privacy" in the context of computer systems, I see a mess of state I need to transfer to make it usable. Trade-offs.

Choose your own

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In genericname12345 riffed on the notion of "Choose Your Own Adventure" books...

If you believe that all life is predetermined and cannot be changed, turn to page 23.

If you believe that all humans are masters of their destiny and make their own life, turn to page 23.

Paranormal vs Black Romance

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Elf Sternberg: The parallels between paranormal romance and black romance:

I haven’t read Ward, but having read (a few) romance novels by black writers, and (many more) paranormal romances, I’ve come to a conclusion: Paranormal romance creates for white writers and readers fictional worlds of immanent, anarchic existential threat from vast and powerful forces mostly beyond the protagonists’ control. Black romance writers already live in such a world, and feel no need to add vampires and werewolves to their characters’ already overwhelmingly complicated lives.

Welcome to the future

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Welcome to the future: Mock a truly awful book/scam on social media, get showered in ads for it

Wednesday June 24th, 2015

Snerk. Some dude from Freecycle is trying to gaslight me. Internet trolls get email filtered to trash.

So had a redesign. Same great writing, and a reminder of what we ask of our military.

Wait, Joe Biden is running? This changes... well... uhmmm... huh.

Netflix about to pass the big broadcasters

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So it's not really networked, given that Netflix has a box in most ISP's data centers to move the network load locally, but I think my bandwidth bet with TC... well... yeah, I'm gonna lose that one.

Variety: Netflix U.S. Viewing to Surpass ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC by 2016: Analysts. Not all 4, but it will be the new largest network.

Here’s how the analysts did the math: Netflix said users streamed about 10 billion hours of video in Q1 2015, equating to nearly two hours per subscriber per day. The FBR analysts calculated what Netflix’s Nielsen rating would be by dividing the two-hour figure by 24 hours, then multiplying that by the number of Netflix U.S. subs as a percentage of households.

That would give Netflix an overall rating in Q1 of 2.6, on par with ABC and NBC. And given that Netflix is growing usage at a compound annual growth rate of more than 40% — while broadcasters are on average declining — that means the streamer will have a larger 24-hour audience than all broadcast networks.

We are laughing over gamed Amazon

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We are laughing over gamed Amazon reviews, and being shoed how it's done

Cat vs Bear

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Shadow sent along this wood flooring and staircase combo that might actually be a little too much grain. Although I did like clowndickfart's comment:

I thought Imgur was not allowing porn anymore

Tuesday June 23rd, 2015

Hair matching

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The man who was jailed for 22 years – on the fantasy evidence of a single hair:

Kirk Odom spent 31 years in prison and on parole after pseudoscientific analysis that has finally been discredited. Now the FBI admits it was wrong – in Odom’s case, and many thousands like it

Kinda like fingerprints and phrenology, hair matching was yet another fantasy spun up by the FBI to use to bolster false convictions.

Rest days matter

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Rest days matter: today's run 8:41min/mi. "...catch up with the sun when it's sinking, racing around to come up behind you again"

Kimchi Cuddles

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Kimchi Cuddles is

A webcomic spreading awareness about poly, queer, and genderqueer issues in the most hilarious way possible

and in my RSS reader now.

RB firehose

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agreeing with Tim Hunt

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WTFpod interview with Barack Obama is

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The @WTFpod interview with Barack Obama is a fascinating look at how media is changing and two different styles of guiding conversation.