Sunday December 21st, 2014

Man, Mercedes' quality control is really slipping. 8 or 9 hours of driving this weekend and not one on the road had working turn signals.

Today I learned that the products that

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Today I learned that the products that Lowe's stocks are highly regional. Sub regions of California.

Multi color stucco chain store malls in

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Multi color stucco chain store malls in the Central Valley are the Eastern Bloc grey of this century

Friday December 19th, 2014

Searching for Brazilian Redwood aka

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Searching for "Brazilian Redwood" (aka Massaranduba) near Santa Rosa brings up a waxing salon in Redwood Plaza. Snicker.

Chain stores focusing on remote control

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Chain stores focusing on remote control vehicles is an indication that the primary business model is lost: Radio Shack, Big 5, etc.

North Korea & Sony Hack

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RT Scott Hanselman (@shanselman):

Are we going to be told next it was actually Saddam Hussein from a MacBook in the conservatory?

Violet blue has a great rundown of this week's exploits and hacks, finishing up with a good rundown of the Sony hack situation:

By Thursday, the amount of respected infosec professionals, researchers, hackers and professional security researchers calling the North Korea theory out as BS is truly a news story unto itself. Sony's poor reaction to everything about this attack isn't escaping seasoned infosec industry members. One called it "beyond the realm of the stupid."

USB HID pwnage

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This Little USB Necklace Hacks Your Computer In No Time Flat, describing USBdriveby, a device that uses USB HID to take over a Mac when it's plugged in.

Time to epoxy up those USB ports, kids!

Bike porn OTD

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Thursday December 18th, 2014

Yeah, gas is getting too cheap. Richmond refinery exploded again...

People concerned about this git really

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People concerned about this git (really Windows & Mac) exploit will happily checkout, compile and run code without reading it first.

Worth keeping in mind if you're going

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Worth keeping in mind if you're going to the IAGSDC square dancing convention in St. Louis in May:

2lbs to train his dog

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I want to go on the record now with the

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I want to go on the record now with the observation that "North Korean hacking" is the "Iraqi WMDs" of the twenty teens.

building bridges

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This is awesome: The Euro bank notes were designed with images of fictional bridges, supposed to be archetypical of various historical European architectural styles:

They have been designed to prevent one single member state from having a bridge on their banknote opposed to other states not having any depicted in theirs. In other words, “member state neutral” banknotes.

A new development near Rotterdam in the Netherlands is building those bridges:

The illustrations on the banknotes show generic examples of architectural styles such as renaissance and baroque rather than real bridges from a particular member state, which could have aroused envy among other countries. "The European Bank didn't want to use real bridges so I thought it would be funny to claim the bridges and make them real," Stam told Dezeen.

Wednesday December 17th, 2014

Legacy Perl

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Legacy Perl: Someone thought qq~string~ was more readable than "string". Also: $class vs $self for the "this" instance ref.

Police T-shirts

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What cop shirts tell us about police culture.

It occurs to me that somewhere around a decade and a half, maybe even two decades ago, we software developers dropped "lusers" from our lexicon. We realized that the people who were looking for our services didn't see the world in the same way we did, but they had needs, and it was up to us to build software and methods that worked to fill those needs.

Seems to me that policing needs a similar cultural attitude shift. The adversarial attitude doesn't work, and must be fixed.

So, is the motivation behind the Cuba changes something to do with Guantanamo? Just what does Cuba have on the US there?

who hacked it?

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RT the grugq ‏@thegrugq:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a hacked network must be in want of a nation state to blame.

Tuesday December 16th, 2014

That Verizon endtoend encryption

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That Verizon "end-to-end" encryption has a back door. So, not really "end-to-end", huh?

Oh, look, a limited time coupon: A reminder that this retailer makes me haggle rather than giving me a fair price up-front.

Judge goes down

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Judge convicted of conspiring to plant methamphetamine on woman who had accused him of sexual misconduct:

Bryant Cochran, once the chief judge of Murray County’s Magistrate Court, also was found guilty of witness tampering, conspiring to distribute a controlled substance and a federal civil rights charge that accused him of sexually assaulting a court employee. Cochran, who faces almost certain prison time, is to be sentenced Feb. 20 by U.S. District Judge Harold Murphy in Rome.

I've got a bunch of halfread free

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I've got a bunch of half-read free Kindle books. @RickGualtieri 's "Bill the Vampire" isn't one of them. Now hooked on the series.

Falsely accused of something

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Falsely accused of something, acquitted in court? You may still have to pay hundreds in court fees.

Picture of the tile in

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Picture of the tile in

Tile is in. Grout next weekend. Work on trim and vanity while mortar dries.

Unrecognizeable Images

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Deep Neural Networks are Easily Fooled: High Confidence Predictions for Unrecognizable Images, Anh Nguyen, Jason Yosinski, Jeff Clune (PDF).

Amusing paper on generating images that get high confidence from automated image recognition systems, but that look like noise to humans.

Monday December 15th, 2014

The ooc programming language compiles to C99, has a build system and code organization conventions built in, looks like it's got enough bindings to be useful:

However, a good programmer is a good programmer in any language. Discovering new ways of perceiving, designing, and manufacturing pieces of software is always a worthy pursuit.

Hence, for small to medium-sized, personal projects - a personal command-line utility, a graphical front-end for an application you like, a custom piece of zeromq-powered network infrastructure, or an indie game - ooc is a practical alternative to what’s out there.

PHP: The Good Parts

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RT Barry S ‏@weevilgenius:

@EMCP_ "I wrote a book about PHP" via @TomNomNom


For later perusal: The TouchBoard is a touch sensor with a MIDI mode.

I hate to link to Instructables for anything, but this uses that board and a conductive ink pen to make a cardboard MIDI guitar.

Wondering if, in conjunction with metal strings and split frets (or ceramic or non-conductive frets) this'd be an easy way to build a MIDI guitar.

RT Jeff / Dax ‏@wolfwithdances:

Idea: make a plush wildcat fursuit and call it "ln -s" because soft lynx

Can NYPD spot the abusive cop?

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WNYC: Can the NYPD spot the abusive cop?.

CCRB Records show that 40 percent of the 35,000 officers on the force today have never been the subject of a citizen complaint. Another 20 percent have only one. Yet about a thousand cops have 10 or more complaints. One has been able to rack up 51. The name of that officer is confidential, as are the names of any officer who is the target of a CCRB complaint.

And by protecting these psychopaths, the NYPD gives all police officers a bad name.

little more trim work on the shower

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a little more trim work on the shower niches and then wait a week for the mortar to dry before grout

Sunday December 14th, 2014

Framing council

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U-T San Diego: How far will cop unions go to halt reform? Union law firm's 'candidate researchers' face felony charges for Costa Mesa incident. About trying to frame city council members who were speaking out for police department reform.

Friday December 12th, 2014

Dear every web designer Especially

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Dear every web designer (Especially Google): Stop thinking you can do better things with my arrow keys than my browser. You can't.

Thinking about Net Neutrality and and

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Thinking about Net Neutrality and and parking consideration in automobile traffic networks, and how they're similarly difficult to model.

Sony hack reveals that the MPAA

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Sony hack reveals that the MPAA directly funded state Attorneys General to go after Google #justiceforall

RT Taupe Avenger ‏@TaupeAvenger

The winning bid for phase 2 of CAHSR in the Central Valley: $1,234,567,890

On discounting

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The Economist: The psychology of discounting. Having trouble finding the inevitable press release, but it's about 's work on discounting.

This numerical blind spot remains even when the deal clearly favours the discounted product. In another experiment, this time on his undergraduates, Mr Rao offered two deals on loose coffee beans: 33% extra free or 33% off the price. The discount is by far the better proposition, but the supposedly clever students viewed them as equivalent.

Careful with that innumeracy.

Thursday December 11th, 2014

Okay, I had to giggle: Petaluma Police Dept. Lt. Dan *Fish* is writing the flood warning emails. (BTW, thank you for keeping us informed!)

Holiday "Discounting" isn't

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NY Times: Online Deals for Holiday Shopping: Buyer Beware:

So far this year, The Wirecutter and The Sweethome have researched 54,000 holiday deals. They’ve found that only a bit more than 300 of them — less than 1 percent — are worth your time. “When we find a deal that we think is good, it’s a needle in a haystack,” Ms. Cheng said. “We’re super-excited when that happens.”

Kind of anti-news, we know that this sort of "discounting" is just consumer manipulation, but amazing that they didn't find many loss leaders at all.

RIP Bob Fletcher, hero

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Bob Fletcher Dies at 101; Helped Japanese-Americans:

For the next three years he worked a total of 90 acres on three farms — he had also decided to run Mr. Tsukamoto’s farm. He worked 18-hour days and lived in the bunkhouse Mr. Tsukamoto had reserved for migrant workers. He paid the bills of all three families — the Tsukamotos, the Okamotos and the Nittas. He kept only half of the profits.

Search Yahoo for Stony Point Rd at

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Search Yahoo for "Stony Point Rd at Denman Rd, Petaluma CA", click on map image, get some place in Alaska? #WTFYahoo

Wednesday December 10th, 2014

Penny Tabletalk

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I could swear I posted this, but I don't find it in the archives. Shadow forwarded along pictures from building a diamond patterned penny tabletop.

"The travel lanes on B Street

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"The travel lanes on B Street, a quiet residential neighborhood, have more in common with freeways than downtown."

Rainageddon is hitting the North Coast

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Rainageddon is hitting the North Coast already:

Face sitting in

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If you haven't been watching what's been happening with the U.K. porn laws, you should, but: Porn protest: Mass 'facesitting' and sex simulation to take place outside Parliament.

Holiday Spirit

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[Bondage gingerbread man] [For Lease Navidad]

Keurig vulnerability

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Snicker: Keurig 2.0 Genuine K-Cup Spoofing Vulnerability:

Since no fix is currently available, owners of Keurig 2.0 systems may wish to take additional steps to secure the device, such as keeping the device in a locked cabinet, or using a cable lock to prevent the device from being plugged in when not being used by an authorized user.

McCain against torture

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John McCain makes passionate defense for torture report's release.

Yes. We have due process and the rule of law for a reason. Pretending that somehow these things should only apply to some citizens, based on the beliefs of a group of rogue psychopaths, is bad for us as a nation. It's already resulted in bad intelligence that's guided policy in ways that have harmed the United States irreparably. Torture is witch-finding, and we should have left that behind back in the 1600s.

Richmond Police Chief a prominent

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Reminder: Among other things, torture led to the false data that got us into Iraq in the first place: