Thursday December 1st, 2022

Is there a community of people out

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Is there a community of people out there using Honk as their fediverse client? I've got an instance running, and I'm confused and would love to find the community to chat about it with.

Wednesday November 30th, 2022

hey did you realize you're posting

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A "hey, did you realize you're posting pictures with GPS coordinates" query (yes, it's intentional) led to me looking at the map and realizing that my phone probably doesn't have an L5 receiver, because dang that's pretty far off.

So I've been thinking a little bit about positioning, and then this article about using Starlink for location information crossed my feed... https://www.technologyreview.c...-signals-reverse-engineered-gps/ How stuff gets eXposed, a look at hacking Intel's Software Guard Extension (SGX) framework to extract BlueRay keys from PowerDVD.

NM Methane Leak

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New NASA camera spots methane ‘super emitter’ in New Mexico — An International Space Station instrument looks for dust and finds a methane vent in the Permian Basin near Carlsbad. Looks like it's a Marathon Oil well leaking somewhere between "...22 to 44,000 pounds of methane per hour", though Marathon denies that it's their leak.

Broke Ass Stuart: The Vallejo Police Department Is Corrupt, And Why You Should Care.

If we are what we proclaim to be, how did we allow a city that sits just 30 miles from San Francisco to become a killing field for one of the most violent police departments in the country? And why did it take articles in every major publication in the United States and a fucking Vice documentary for activists in other Bay Area cities to care?  

Also links to Officers in Vallejo, California, bent badges to mark each fatal police killing, ex-captain says and Inside One of America’s Deadliest Police Departments — At just 22 years old, Sean Monterrosa became the 33rd person killed by the Vallejo Police Department since 2000.

“My sergeant, after my first officer-involved shooting, said wouldn’t it be nice if you could look around and see a visual indicator of people you can trust in a moment of chaos? And then he took my badge, and he bent it,” Joshua Coleman, a former officer who worked at the department for ten years, told VICE News. 

Bitcoin's last stand

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European Central Bank: Bitcoin's last stand:

Since Bitcoin appears to be neither suitable as a payment system nor as a form of investment, it should be treated as neither in regulatory terms and thus should not be legitimised. Similarly, the financial industry should be wary of the long-term damage of promoting Bitcoin investments - despite short-term profits they could make (even without their skin in the game). The negative impact on customer relations and the reputational damage to the entire industry could be enormous once Bitcoin investors will have made further losses.

Via TechCrunch: Bitcoin ‘rarely’ used for legal transactions, on ‘road to irrelevance’, say European Central Bank officials which I got to from /..

neighbor dropped by and asked if I

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neighbor dropped by and asked if I wanted to finish off their persimmon tree. Threw the riper ones in the dehydrator, for a few days to figure out what to do with these. More wine, perhaps?

And sometimes the dish drain breaks and

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And sometimes the dish drain breaks and the only thing for it is to bend some brass clips to hold that sucker together.

Tuesday November 29th, 2022

As I watch the looming rail strike

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As I watch the looming rail strike where workers are asking for 4 sick days (currently ), I'm reminded of an overspeed accident where I commented that for a couple of hundred bucks per unit you could do in-cab warnings, and was told that I didn't understand.

At the time, of course, the trucking industry was doing it. I was helping. But the rail industry is all "oh, no, we're stuck in the 1800s and on ultra thin margins and can't spend on safety".

Social media is seeing the same jokes

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Social media is seeing the same jokes you read over 4 decades ago in Reader's Digest at your grandmother's house, over and over again, until you die.

Sometimes, though, they're accompanied by pictures and called "memes".

GM dealers repairing Teslas

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Fascinating. I've been wondering what the conventional car manufacturers catching up with Tesla is going to look like. Turns out that may come from the repair business... Marketwatch: Why GM dealers are quietly repairing Teslas

Monday November 28th, 2022

My Facebook feed is currently full of

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My Facebook feed is currently full of ads for "TomboyX Tucking Bikini Underwear", and I think I'm old because I'm not sure why tomboys would be tucking, though I am kinda cool with the gender inception that this implies.

Lunar Flashlight mission to use near

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The Lunar Flashlight mission, to use near IR lasers to map ice in shadowed moon regions, is really cool, but dang I had to read the name of it a couple of times because the mix of people I follow on social media...

Coworker observed that in the spring

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Coworker observed that in the spring, western Sonoma County is like The Shire, and in fall, fire season, is like Mordor. Looking forward to the coming rain.

Ob: I see a lot of people saying it's "Cyber Monday", but not a whole lot of "A/S/L?"

Sunday November 27th, 2022

Currently wondering if I can just hang

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Currently wondering if I can just hang that door off a single hinge. Think it'd save me like $80...

Listened to the Multiamory ep on

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Listened to the Multiamory ep on Monogamy and Relationship anarchy back-to-back with the latest Life on the Swingset. Both delving into how interacting more authentically with our communities is challenging and scary, but necessary to deepening connections. Giving me good stuff to ponder as the Fediverse gives me opportunities to rebuild my virtual community in new forms.

I will buy tickets right now if this is

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I will buy tickets right now if this is what it takes to get this movie made: Okay, But What About A ‘Knives Out’ Sequel Starring Daniel Craig And The Muppets?

Lesson from the past few days

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Lesson from the past few days: there are people who can read Cards Against Humanity plays in a way that is funny. I dare say that this is even most people. I am not one of them. I am the least competent CAH player ever. Not sure how I feel about this.

Wednesday November 23rd, 2022

Blast from the past For years I've had

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Blast from the past! For years I've had an "if anyone uses webmentions, contact me" on my web page, and someone just did. And the code still works. A little susceptible to spam, but daaang.

And as I looked through the code to try to figure out what this was all about, I'm starting to think okay, maybe ActivityPub after all.

Tuesday November 22nd, 2022

Dear freakin' every vendor

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Dear freakin' every vendor: I am happiest when I have to put the least effort into completing the transaction. Asking me for my feedback and to complete a questionnaire after every single purchase makes me less happy. Thank you.

Monday November 21st, 2022

Good guy with bare hands

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So all of the anti-drag rhetoric from right-wing politicians finally paid off for them. Stochastic terrorism is a thing, and any of the slimeballs playing the drag card right now are culpable in the murders Club Q in Colorado Springs this weekend. But apparently it takes a good guy with his bare hands to stop a bad guy with a gun: Army veteran recounts subduing gunman at Colorado LGBTQ club.

Sunday November 20th, 2022

Just putting things away in the shop and

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Just putting things away in the shop and... Wow that's a flashback to many years ago...

article on the impacts of ranching on

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This article on the impacts of ranching on Point Reyes National Seashore is why I pay for local journalism. And why we in Sonoma County need to take a good long look at local agriculture.

Saturday November 19th, 2022

Well, just got confirmation from Apple that something is a known bug with no known fix. I liked computing better when we could go all the way down to applying solder to the motherboard if we wanted to fix things.