Monday May 27th, 2024

Very rough from scraps

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Very rough from scraps, but worth documenting because a number of things are working through the shop this weekend. A cat food organizer.

I mean, the numbers don't lie, but Google's AI summarization could probably use some context.

Sunday May 26th, 2024

Project #2 is fixing siding

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Project #2 is fixing siding.

So far this weekend

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So far this weekend, project #1 is taking some scrap conduit and making a trellis..

Saturday May 25th, 2024

picture for that AI is going great post

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The picture for that AI is going great post

Such doge, much wow

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Kabosu, the shiba inu dog behind the 'doge' internet meme, has died

No pupper is a meme,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the zeitgeist,
A part of the milieu.
If a doge scroll off the timeline,
the feed is the less.
As well as if Cyanide & Happiness were.
As well as if Sarah's Scribbles
Or of thine friend’s were.
Each doggo’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in memekind.
Therefore, check not to know
For whom the notification sounds,
It sounds for thee.

Via MeFi, which is where the John Donne ripoff occurred to me.

AI is going just great

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AI is going just great...

Thursday May 23rd, 2024

So I turned on the https

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So I turned on the hack in Firefox to take the summarization out of my Google results. Last night we got home from an event and realized we needed distilled water for Charlene's CPAP, so I went searching for who might be open after 11PM. A lot of grocery store web site information design really sucks, and Google is better than I thought at extracting information from their web pages.

Apparently the KagiVlad thing is up

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Apparently the Kagi/Vlad thing is up again, and I'm thinking about some discussion in the local political scene, where someone is very vested in the process they participated in 2+ decades ago, and I'm like "dude, look at the outcomes".

If the response is "yeah, that's why we need more of the process that got us here", then we're not going to find agreement.

Wednesday May 22nd, 2024

existential risk from AI isn't are

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The existential risk from "AI" isn't "are they going to become hyper-intelligent and wipe us out", they still need us to do the work.

The way that Meta's algorithms have fueled the rise of fascists, humans are already doing the work. The existential threat is here. Now.

Look memory is cheap these days why

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Look, memory is cheap these days, why don't we just double Unicode out to 8 bytes per character and just store 8�8 bit rasters?

Holy crap. Why does every web browser think it can do better than the damned system printer dialog? Holy crap stop fucking things up and just give me the real damned thing.

Tuesday May 21st, 2024

until the ancestors tell you to stop

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RT Urzl

@deilann To borrow a phrase learned from black Twitter, the proper measurement of garlic is "add garlic until the ancestors tell you to stop".

It's like dividing by zero, there is no numeric value if you're doing it right.

Okay this is long overdue because the

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Okay, this is long overdue, because the whole "rather run into a man or bear in the woods" meme is completely played out, but someone posted a reference to this again, and Charlene has made her choice *absolutely* clear.

(Taken at a wildlife rescue where they were trying to acclimate the bear cub to humans before the little bundle of cuteness became a large bundle of dangerous cuteness.) (This time with pic)

this space intentionally left blank

Monday May 20th, 2024

sabotaging EV transition

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This one took a long time in transit from my tablet, I meant to attach it to the "China EV car companies haven't taken over the world because of protectionism" entry below, but... Nearly all major car companies are sabotaging EV transition, and Japan is worst, study finds.

Car companies aren't sucking because they don't have the ability, they're sucking because it's easier to not change. I mean, sure, maybe they're sucking because they don't have the ability as well, but...

Tesla FSD uptake

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Western automakers don't get EVs

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I mean, the real solution is to get people the hell out of their cars, but... Inside EVs: I Went To China And Drove A Dozen Electric Cars. Western Automakers Are Cooked

If the U.S. and Europe get what they want—a crackdown on Chinese imports—it doesn’t feel like it would result in better cars. It feels like it would keep buyers of those markets locked to cars that aren’t executed as well. It’s nakedly protectionist because deep down, all of the Western auto executives and some hawkish China pundits understand that Chinese EV and PHEV models are more compelling than what European, other Asian, and American brands have come up with.

So OpenAI claims a user base of 1805

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So OpenAI claims a user base of 180.5 million, with 1.6 billion "visits" in December 2023. Okay, 8.8 uses per user, seems low. Dig deeper, find a more recent $133M monthly revenues. $20/user, that's 6.5M paid users. Except a good bit of that's probably API charges, not direct users.

I mean, 6.5M paid users is a 35th of a Spotify, 163% of Notion, nothing to sneeze at, but...

Sunday May 19th, 2024

Trying to figure out how to print a

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Trying to figure out how to print a banner on a Mac. Finding out that all of the answers people found online have disappeared as the operating system has lost features.

So I reverted back to "poster" on an Ubuntu box, and I can't believe how much of the progress of personal computing has been the removal of capabilities.

And ... I'm really sick of the Mac as a primary platform. It's just a pain in the ass relative to real OSes. But, I have the hardware from work....

Cutting the recess for the lamp

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Cutting the recess for the lamp...

We had some glass butterflies and a

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We had some glass butterflies and a hummingbird that we picked up somewhere, and a piece of lemon verbena that came from Charlene's grandmother's house in San Francisco, so I made a lamp

Saturday May 18th, 2024

Google's attempts to insert AI into

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Google's attempts to insert "AI" into every orifice through anti-patterns that get accidentally invoked is going just great.

Image reads "Related insights: key points from this page: unable to generate key points from this page."

Holy crap, these Roland Emmerich disaster movie trailers are getting terrifying.

Sigh It's the smell of

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Sigh. It's "the smell of gasoline" weekend* in Petaluma, and the increase in careless driving has commenced. Gotta hunker down at home or get out of town this weekend.

  • "Salute to American Graffiti", which means lots of carbureted engines, unburned hydrocarbons, and even more than usual care needed in sidewalks. And squealing tires.

I'm so old I remember when web

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I'm so old, I remember when web developers tried to get a page's initial load size under 40k so that readers would see content in less than 30 seconds...

Now "Waiting for" is up long enough for me to look around a bit, get bored, grab a screenshot, and post snark.

I'm hearing a lot of chatter about

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I'm hearing a lot of chatter about various encrypted messaging systems, and I want to adapt the first system that makes it easy for me to:

  • set up a server that uses my domain.
  • pipe incoming messages to processes, and send from my system.
  • retrieve and read my messages on a variety of devices.

In other words, give me the basic functionality that email used to have. And we can solve the spam problem with something like Brian Warner's PETMail proposal, though cryptologically verified senders will help with that.


With macOS 14.4, Apple introduced new API in CoreAudio that allows any app to capture audio from other apps or the entire system, as long as the user has given the app permission to do so.

Unfortunately this new API is poorly documented and the nature of CoreAudio makes it really hard to figure out exactly how to set things up so that your app can use this new functionality.

This project is provided as documentation for this new API to help developers of audio apps.

Friday May 17th, 2024


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Leonardo ELSAG EOC Plus is an integrated automated license plate reader (ALPR) plus Bluetooth, long-range RFID, and WiFi scanner, to fingerprint your car and its occupants based on things like AirTags and library book RFID tags.

Forbes: New Police Tech Can Detect Phones, Pet Trackers And Library Books In A Moving Car, link to the Forbes article.

Food servers

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California Forever rebranding

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'Solano Gap': California Forever scrambles to create a need.

The Backstory: With a poll showing 70% of Solano County voters opposed to California Forever, the tech mega city a group of Silicon Valley billionaires wants to build between Fairfield, Vacaville and Rio Vista, the project appears dead on arrival. But don't expect the tech billionaires, who have unlimited money, to give up without a fight.

California needs a ton more housing, but... we need it as infill, and I've seen enough "we're gonna rearchitect everything" fail in the face of "the current system evolves" to be extremely skeptical of attempts to build utopias. Of course there's not nearly as much profit in fixing things as there is in ignoring the problems and doing greenfield development, and that's a social problem we need to be fixing.

The singularity is the new cold fusion.

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snuffleupagus on MeFi:

The singularity is the new cold fusion.

Active Transportation links of the morning...

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Bike Portland: New ODOT map shows fatal traffic crashes in real time

Beyond engineering, enforcement, education, data is a huge part any good road safety program. Similar to the City of Portland and Metro, ODOT wants zero deaths to occur on the entire system. They’ve stated a goal of “no deaths or life-changing injuries on Oregon’s transportation system by 2035.” And that’ll be an extremely tall order given current trends.

Meanwhile, in California... Active Transportation Program Cut Because Administration Wants to Prioritize Highways

The Newsom administration wants to cut the ATP because Caltrans is tired of having its state highway funding tapped.

Just realized that I'm so old

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Just realized that I'm so old, I remember when AI was going to be the sorts of information models and "expert systems" and knowledgebases that people are now saying is the necessary technology to tie to LLMs to give them the reasoning ability...

AI is *so* useful for summarizing

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AI is *so* useful for summarizing. To be fair to Bing, it did give better info a little further down in excerpts from actual search results, but the summary to "how many calories are in a 34oz serving of Stouffer's meat lover's lasagna?" was "360 calories".

_OpenAI strikes deal to bring Reddit

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OpenAI strikes deal to bring Reddit content to ChatGPT and... uh... someone thinks this is going to improve the quality of OpenAI answers?

The future is people acting on shitpost derived generated text as legal advice.