Monday September 26th, 2022

And shout out to the guy squealing

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And shout out to the guy squealing tires at G and 4th as we cleared the crosswalk. Your message is clear. Asshole.

4th St in Petaluma

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4th St in Petaluma. People are riding on the sidewalk because the street isn't safe. This is supposedly 25mph residential with a stop sign every block.

Sunday September 25th, 2022

Petaluma folks

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Petaluma folks: do not miss the current Petaluma History Museum (Carnegie Library) exhibit on the history of Main Street/Petaluma Boulevard.

Saw this on a BMW 528 and flashed on

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Saw this on a BMW 528 and flashed on Don Henley's "Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac" line, and how much the world has changed for the better.

So Lyft is funding Prop 30

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So Lyft is funding Prop 30, which would be an automatic "no", except that the California Chamber of Commerce and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association are against it, which would be an automatic "yes", and now I'm conflicted.

Saturday September 24th, 2022

Gender-Affirming Surgery

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Emacs can be a spreadsheet

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Thread on tools and programming, including RT dorian @doriantaylor

also: emacs can be a spreadsheet but a spreadsheet can't be emacs

seriously though it's super interesting to me how spreadsheets have been adopted as the IDE for muggles for half a century and they really are a sui generis thing but people have no trouble working with them…

Bike riders of the Netherlands

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What should happen to drivers?

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Outside: What Should Happen to Drivers Who Kill Cyclists?

The family of Lauren Davis desperately sought answers after she was fatally struck by a driver while biking to work in New York City in 2016. At every step, the criminal-justice system let them down, raising the question of what justice should look like for victims of traffic violence.

Manhunt on Bohemian Highway

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Posted this on all of the other social medias, so it belongs here: A gripping single episode of a podcast: Nocturne — Manhunt on Bohemian Highway

Monte Rio is a tiny peaceful Northern California town, nestled in a hilly forest of redwoods, beside a river. Who’s starting all the fires?

It's the non-fiction tale of Kari Morrissey and Sara Paul tracking down suspected arsonist Jack Stanley Seprish earlier this year in the Russian River area of Sonoma County, including community funding of 50 trail cameras.

Press Democrat article on the effort

I have complained in the past about

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I have complained in the past about Perl's TIMTOWTDI, but as I try to figure out how best to set up a TypeScript or JavaScript project, I long for Perl's clarity and simplicity...

Thursday September 22nd, 2022

Just a Wednesday night in downtown

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Just a Wednesday night in downtown Petaluma.

Wednesday September 21st, 2022

Programming is just repeatedly

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Programming is just repeatedly re-implementing the features of relational databases on top of repeatedly more complexly abstracted underlying stores, until you die.

Today it's a real-time JSON store.

Sexual Misconduct Training may suppress reporting

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Effects of Mandatory Sexual Misconduct Training on University Campuses Mala Htun, Francesca R. Jensenius, Melanie Sayuri Dominguez, Justine Tinkler, and Carlos Contreras

Our surprising finding is that training makes women less likely to say that they would report sexual assault. In all three studies, participating in training is associated with a large and highly statistically significant drop in the share of women who affirm that, if they were sexually assaulted by another student, they would be “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to report the experience to the university.

Monday September 19th, 2022

Increasingly convinced that Atlassian

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Increasingly convinced that Atlassian doesn't use Jira internally, because holy crap that editor...

Greta does not want to acknowledge that

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Greta does not want to acknowledge that the world exists right now.

Sunday September 18th, 2022

Our Aquasana water filter just cracked

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Our Aquasana water filter just cracked and leaked all over the kitchen. What's your favorite water filter that doesn't do that?

If your town has more wine bars than

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If your town has more wine bars than Starbucks, it might be a tourist town.

Saturday September 17th, 2022

Interesting look at how the big music

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Interesting look at how the big music publishers are subtly changing the standards of intellectual property so that the finance guys can extract even more value from the artists.

Friday September 16th, 2022

Gift Horses

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RT Zymandia (might be an old friend see pinned) @Zymandia

“don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” bro, the most famous gift horse in history became a huge problem because no one bothered to look inside.

Ugh. I know that somewhere there's a surplus house that would love to sell me one of these displays for five bucks, vs the $1,400 for a replacement remote, but damned if I can find it on DigiKey.

Thursday September 15th, 2022

Tomato Soup

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Tomato Soup Alchemy Sigil But in Black! Sticker Designed and sold by willothewitch

A fake achemical seal that says tomato soup, for giggles. In the spirit of its creative intent, please feel free to tell your friends is says anything you want to see if they bother to translate or just take your word for it.

Great for trolling your local anti-semitic QAnon spouting conspiracy theorists.


SSD vs HDD reliability

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Five years of data show that SSDs are more reliable than HDDs over the long haul

Backup and cloud storage company Backblaze has published data comparing the long-term reliability of solid-state storage drives and traditional spinning hard drives in its data center. Based on data collected since the company began using SSDs as boot drives in late 2018, Backblaze cloud storage evangelist Andy Klein published a report yesterday showing that the company's SSDs are failing at a much lower rate than its HDDs as the drives age.