Wednesday July 6th, 2022

Well that's the sequel I did not know I

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Well that's the sequel I did not know I needed, but now I think I do: Clerks III.

cigar box guitar neck goes through the

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The cigar box guitar neck goes through the sound box, but gets a recess cut for the top of the box, so I'm reinforcing it and giving myself some extra material to work with. Next I'll inlay interval marks.

Cutting the nut slot for the cigar box

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Cutting the nut slot for the cigar box guitar.

I could probably grind a bit to recut

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I could probably grind a bit to recut the dimples in the peg holes, but I don't think the mill has enough reach to get there, so a touch of oil and now to shorten the actual bridge

(Whoah, we're) halfway there...

Also on the chopping block tonight

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Also on the chopping block tonight, this Yamaha has excessively high action so we're gonna take 3/32" off the bridge.

First up, glue up a slightly expanded peg head board so that I don't have to bend the strings past the nut.

Discovered that my neighbor Mark is

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Discovered that my neighbor Mark is into cigar box guitars, and he sent me home with some of the parts to build a 3 string slide, so I'm adding a few touches of my own...

Tuesday July 5th, 2022

I think if we extend the top right one

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I think if we extend the top right one off the side of the building, the next one in just lapping the side, this is a reasonable butterfly density. Now for colors...

Monday July 4th, 2022

So the notion is that we will paint

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So the notion is that we will paint these bright colors and mount then zoetrope like across the from of the garage. 6 more bodies to carve...

Sunday July 3rd, 2022

Sunday at the LykeMarie household

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Sunday at the Lyke-Marie household involves discussions about the lifecycle of the Smith-Mundt Act, and interpretations of the 2013 lessening on restrictions of domestic use of government produced materials. Lest you think it's all woodworking and square dancing around here.


you’re listening to 103.3 WFYR i’m sisyphus bringing you the same rock every night

sparkling butt stuff

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RT madeofmistake ✨🍑✨("award" "winning" "cartoonist") @madeofmistak3

it's only sodomy if it's from the sodom and gomorrah region of mesopotamia, otherwise it's just sparkling butt stuff

RT Patrick Elliott @patrickCDEmath Replying to @madeofmistak3

It’s only lack of hospitality if it’s from the Sodom and Gomorrah region of Mesopotamia, otherwise it’s just sparkling being rude to angels and trying to molest them

good news is that the Right has

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The good news is that the Right has abandoned any pretense that the Supreme Court is making decisions based on the reasoned consideration of law and prior thought, and is just letting emotional reaction rule.

Saturday July 2nd, 2022

Just saw the typo

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Just saw the typo: "that would have been chef's kids", and now I'm wondering what else the chef's kids would have been.

Friday July 1st, 2022

Under Pressure

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“Do you work well under pressure?” Needs the response “is this job one that regularly engages actual emergencies (e.g. an ER, a fire department) or do you fabricate urgency through poor management, uneven distribution of duties and an inflated sense of self for upper management?”

Benzene in Natural Gas, and indoor leakage

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Sigh. Yeah, think over the next few years we need to see about enough battery to pull us through the longer power outages (maybe with more solar), and running wire to phase out our gas appliances. Not only are the climate impacts of natural gas too large to ignore, lots of evidence is coming in about the local impacts. Of course the "more solar" part is hard, household photovoltaic might actually have higher lifetime CO2 emissions vs Sonoma Clean Power's carbon emissions profile, depending on time of day generation. And our roof is pretty small... And I hate to have more batteries involved in anything, because they have a limited lifespan...

New York Times: Gas Piped Into Homes Contains Benzene and Other Risky Chemicals, Study Finds

Environmental Science and Technology: Home is Where the Pipeline Ends: Characterization of Volatile Organic Compounds Present in Natural Gas at the Point of the Residential End User

Abstract The presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in unprocessed natural gas (NG) is well documented; however, the degree to which VOCs are present in NG at the point of end use is largely uncharacterized. We collected 234 whole NG samples across 69 unique residential locations across the Greater Boston metropolitan area, Massachusetts. NG samples were measured for methane (CH4), ethane (C2H6), and nonmethane VOC (NMVOC) content (including tentatively identified compounds) using commercially available USEPA analytical methods. Results revealed 296 unique NMVOC constituents in end use NG, of which 21 (or approximately 7%) were designated as hazardous air pollutants. Benzene (bootstrapped mean = 164 ppbv; SD = 16; 95% CI: 134–196) was detected in 95% of samples along with hexane (98% detection), toluene (94%), heptane (94%), and cyclohexane (89%), contributing to a mean total concentration of NMVOCs in distribution-grade NG of 6.0 ppmv (95% CI: 5.5–6.6). While total VOCs exhibited significant spatial variability, over twice as much temporal variability was observed, with a wintertime NG benzene concentration nearly eight-fold greater than summertime. By using previous NG leakage data, we estimated that 120–356 kg/yr of annual NG benzene emissions throughout Greater Boston are not currently accounted for in emissions inventories, along with an unaccounted-for indoor portion. NG-odorant content (tert-butyl mercaptan and isopropyl mercaptan) was used to estimate that a mean NG-CH4 concentration of 21.3 ppmv (95% CI: 16.7–25.9) could persist undetected in ambient air given known odor detection thresholds. This implies that indoor NG leakage may be an underappreciated source of both CH4 and associated VOCs.

Fake Russian History on Chinese Wikipedia

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Following along to the news two years ago: Reddit: I’ve discovered that almost every single article on the Scots version of Wikipedia is written by the same person - an American teenager who can’t speak Scots...

She Spent a Decade Writing Fake Russian History. Wikipedia Just Noticed.

A Chinese woman created over 200 fictional articles on Chinese Wikipedia, writing millions of words of imagined history that went unnoticed for more than 10 years.

Via meFi

Olivia Rodrigo & Lily Allen

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Thursday June 30th, 2022

Musical Crossovers

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Baby Judges & Dobbs

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Just listened to Michael Lewis — Against the Rules: Baby Judge School followed by What Roman Mars can learn about Con Law, with Elizabeth Joh: After Dobbs, and... don't listen to them back to back, because damn I've now got a really dark view of the US legal system...

Tech solutions to school shootings

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After Uvalde shooting, tech companies tout their solutions. But do they work?

A study conducted by researchers at Washington University and Johns Hopkins found that surveillance responses to gun violence within kindergarten through 12th grade school systems “have not stopped the increasing frequency of their occurrence, but have instead increased racial and ethnic disparities in multiple forms of discipline”.

“I am hearing more and more that schools are starting to look like prisons, and that makes young people feel more like suspects than students,” said Odis Johnson, a professor at Johns Hopkins who co-authored the study.

FTX buying Robinhood is like AOL buying

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FTX buying Robinhood is like AOL buying Time-Warner...

post-Roe violence

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Unsurprising: Did violence follow Roe decision? Yes — almost all of it against pro-choice protesters

Right claimed to fear pro-choice "rage" after SCOTUS decision — but so far the violence is directed at protesters

So, yeah, the promulgators of the pre-Dobbs vs Jackson violence continue.

Wednesday June 29th, 2022

Card Tricks

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Watch an electric ‘fan car’ beat every car ever at Goodwood Hill Climb

The McMurtry Speirling produces more than 2,000kg of downforce (on a 1,000kg vehicle), and unlike traditional aerodynamic surfaces, this doesn’t scale with speed – it’s available at any speed due to the fan’s operation. This means the McMurtry has more downforce at 0mph than an F1 car produces even at 150mph.

Slave distribution, 1860

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Facebook & abortion pills

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Instagram and Facebook remove posts offering abortion pills

On Monday, an AP reporter tested how the company would respond to a similar post on Facebook, writing: “If you send me your address, I will mail you abortion pills.”

The post was removed within one minute.

Substituting "a gun" or "weed", items that Facebook claims are similarly banned, did not have the same impacts. And, of course, under Federal law certified prescribers can ship abortion pills.

Tuesday June 28th, 2022

0.5 x 2 = 1

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Via Shadow: Just a Normal Bike Math: 0.5 х 2 = 1 Wheel (YouTube video). Cool execution, though I have to admit that I'm skeptical that he got those pop rivet shafts to shear at the right place on the first try.... And a good mix between enough to show the construction techniques without artificually padding things out.

Monday June 27th, 2022

Thought: We used to be concerned about running out of phone numbers, but these days we can abandon our land lines, and only us olds still use SMS. Wonder if this is analogous to how the IPv4 address space problem will be solved...

gazillion different ways to use search

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A gazillion different ways to use search engines better than you currently are:

Dear Watts pressure regulator

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Dear Watts pressure regulator: this is why I have trust issues.

Dear Watts pressure regulator

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Dear Watts pressure regulator: this is why I have trust issues.