Wednesday August 17th, 2022

Single Moms & Housework

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Single Moms: Less Housework, More Leisure Than Married Moms

In their investigation of a nationally representative sample of more than 23,000 mothers, Joanna Pepin, Liana Sayer, and Lynne Casper found that single mothers did less housework and spent more time on leisure and sleeping than married mothers. What’s more, the single mothers managed all that while spending no less time caring for their children.

Marital status and mothers’ time use: Childcare, housework, leisure, and sleep

Liana C. Sayer and Joanna R. Pepin in the Washington Post: Opinion: Moms spend even more time on housework when a man’s in the house. Here’s why.\

Breaking the Cycle

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Petaluma police sent out a press release about a series of arrests resolved with crisis intervention techniques. Which is great, they took a couple of people who were potentially violent into custody without injury. But what struck me was that one subject has been arrested 58 times since 2003, another 16.

As a matter of public policy, we're clearly doing something very very wrong. Incarceration *clearly* isn't working if someone's getting arrested 58 times in 2 decades. The only thing it seems to accomplish is to make a person less employable, and more likely to run afoul of the law in the future.

So I invite you to think about what social structures might look like that'd actually help both the guy hallucinating while waving around a machete, and the society that feels threatened by him (people like me).

We do know that environment and stress are huge contributing factors in psychosis. We can see that policing as we currently practice it is just reacting to the same problem over and over again.

Estimates vary, but between policing and prisons we're spending hundreds of billions of dollars a year in this country, and we're getting this. Seems to me like we'd be *way* better off redirecting a whole lot of that to social safety net, mental health services, providing more stable childhoods.

Instead it sure feels like we're buying our local police forces more Armored Personnel Carriers.

I am happy that Petaluma has implemented the SAFE (Specialized Assistance for Everyone) team as an alternative to police response, and that Chief Savano is making the efforts he is, but they're working within a larger system that is designed not just for failure, but to self-perpetuate, and continue the cycle.

We've gotta break that cycle.

Diana & Jonathan Toebbe sentencing

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Huh. Interesting timing on this... Plea deals upended for pair accused of peddling nuclear sub secrets:

A judge said the proposed prison terms for Jonathan Toebbe and his wife, Diana, were too lenient, given the potential damage to national security

I'm sure it's not at all related to possible other newsworthy situations which might involve potential damage to national security.

Tuesday August 16th, 2022

Writer's Workshops and the MFA are a CIA plot

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Culture Shock: Reassessing the Workshop

Ironically, the workshop’s roots are overtly political. It was by reading two books—Anis Shivani’s Against the Workshop: Provocations, Polemics, Controversies and Eric Bennett’s Workshops of Empire: Stegner, Engle, and American Creative Writing during the Cold War—that I learned about how the U.S. government, via the CIA, interfered in the creation of the Iowa Workshop, and how this interference continues to inform the multitude of writing programs we have today. From 1941 to 1964, Iowa Writers’ Workshop director Paul Engle fundraised for the program by using explicitly anticommunist rhetoric, promising to promote American values through the teaching of creative writing. Among the program’s donors were the Rockefeller Foundation, State Department, the Fairfield Foundation, and the Asia Foundation, the latter two of which were CIA front groups.

(Interesting follow-on to noting that modern art was a CIA weapon)

Monday August 15th, 2022

There's not much I use my work email for

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There's not much I use my work email for. Internally, we use Slack, so it's accounts & password recovery for a few services, Github, Algolia, and so forth. So why TF is said email full of recruiter spam? Who thinks this is a useful way to recruit?

Welp, TeePublic removed my account, apparently my "traffic congestion drives positive outcomes" T-shirt violated their terms of service. I wanna say this was a mistake, but I also wanna say "big car: they're everywhere, and out to get us".

Sunday August 14th, 2022

Out riding the tandem

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Out riding the tandem. Stopped at Friedman's, but because we're on the bike decided to walk around Deer Creek Village shopping center and see what's here. It really is a little piece of Fresno in the heart of Petaluma.

Zoom really needs a sharing mode that

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Zoom really needs a sharing mode that lets me see the Zoom settings of the remote participant so I can debug their fucking sound settings.

And one more shot of the box

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And one more shot of the box.

Another shot of the box

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Another shot of the box.

Just a box. Olive and whatever the other wood happened to be in the scrap pile. First time re-sawing to 1/8", got some technique to work on.

Thursday August 11th, 2022

The Onion OTD

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The Onion: Conservatives React To The Mar-A-Lago Raid

“The FBI has strayed so far from the agency’s original mission to kill civil rights leaders.”

Nobody Wants To Work

Dan Lyke comments (0) healthy relationship standards increase...

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Psychology Today: The Rise of Lonely, Single Men Dating apps and a drastically changing relationship landscape

Key points

  • Dating opportunities for heterosexual men are diminishing as healthy relationship standards increase.
  • ...

(Emphasis mine)

Wednesday August 10th, 2022

If it's the insights that change

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If it's the insights that change everything, that suggests that everything had already changed. So now I'm looking around with suspicion...

Today's CSS rant is brought to you by

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Today's CSS rant is brought to you by grid-* and it's tabular, just use a fucking table, WTF!

Listening to Hallowed Covenant on the

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Listening to "Hallowed Covenant" on the Nobilis Patreon podcast, and wonder if I'd be sensitive to some of the aspects that I'm finding problematic if I didn't know the authorship. I suspect so, but it's an interesting opportunity for self-reflection.

🎶I'm all right

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🎶I'm all right, nobody worry about me🎶

Tuesday August 9th, 2022

Sigh. I know that the kids these days are using <span> tags with click handlers and styling to implement all of their interface, how long is it gonna be before the hotness is just gonna loop back around to a handle to the framebuffer and draw it yourself...


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RT Xopher pro-choice voter 🏳️‍🌈 ♥️ 🇺🇦 @Halftongue (yesterday, I missed it)

Hey, you know what else happened on this night in 1974? Janet Weiss and Brad Majors, two ordinary, healthy kids, began driving out to see their old Denton High School science teacher, Dr. von Scott.

As they drove, they listened on the car radio as Nixon resigned as President.

Well. Granicus is b0rk3d. Isn't that special.

Wow, it's Naked Lady season again already!

It's so weird when the neighbor with

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It's so weird when the neighbor with whom I interact occasionally gets divorced from the spouse that I only met a few times and starts dating again. I now have to learn a new name for a person who occupies a certain social role in my brain...

Monday August 8th, 2022

I believe HTMLCSS has far surpassed

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I believe HTML+CSS has far surpassed Perl on the TIMTOWTDI and "write only" axes.

Climate news

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A little possibly good news: Rhodium Group — A Congressional Climate Breakthrough looks at possible impacts of the "Inflation Reduction Act":

Our preliminary assessment of the IRA is that its policies, including the new leasing provisions, reduce net GHG emissions by 31% to 44% below 2005 levels in 2030 (Figure 1). We model the impacts of the IRA on three core emissions scenarios—high, central, and low—from our newly updated baselines for 2030 US emissions under current policy in Taking Stock 2022. The range in Taking Stock and in our IRA results reflects uncertainty around future fossil fuel prices, economic growth, and technology costs. In the high emissions case, which features cheap fossil fuels and more expensive clean technologies plus faster economic growth, we find that the IRA can accelerate emissions reductions to a 31% cut below 2005 levels in 2030, compared to 24% under current policy (Figure 2). On the flip side, in the low emissions case, with expensive fossil fuels and cheap clean technologies, the IRA can drive even larger reductions, from 35% below 2005 levels under current policy to 44% below 2005 levels with the bill. In the central emissions case, the bill accelerates emissions reductions to 40% below 2005 levels in 2030, compared to 30% under current policy. If Congress passes this package, additional action from executive agencies and subnational actors can put the US’s target of cutting emissions in half by 2030 within reach.


Prison labor, telemarketing, and more

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best thing we can do today to JavaScript

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‘The best thing we can do today to JavaScript is to retire it,’ says JSON creator Douglas Crockford

Crockford also notes though that JavaScript will be hard to shift, in particular because it is the language supported by every browser for DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation. Asked about what can replace it there, Crockford said: “There are two difficulties. First, we don’t have the next language yet. It needs to be a minimal capability-based actor language that is designed specifically for secure distributed programming. Nothing less should be considered.

“Second, we need all of the browser makers to adopt it and to simultaneously replace the DOM with a well designed interface. Good luck with that.”

Via this Metafilter entry linking to Genesis — an interpreted, procedural, and Turing-complete Paleo-Hebrew programming language.

Why not make an object-oriented language?

This suggestion makes me consternated. Genesis will never be object-oriented because the Bible explicitly forbids object worship...

Sunday August 7th, 2022

I want to pay for a news source that

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I want to pay for a news source that does the stenography all of the usual outlets do, but labels those stories with which organization sent it the press release or kit that led to the story.

Saturday August 6th, 2022

Following the intensive training from

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Following the intensive training from Recology on what goes in what bin, volunteering at the Petaluma Music Festival. This band is good, but I really liked the marimba group playing on the stage closer to the entrance.