Wednesday June 19th, 2024

Some guitar hooks while I listen to the

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Some guitar hooks while I listen to the Slow Burn podcast series on Gays Against Briggs, which is a good reminder to be super inclusive, and don't try to tone it down for respectability.

I like that karaokeversioncom has

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I like that has explicit terms for use of their tracks for further purposes (though there's still the "need the mechanical or sync license" issue), is there another backing tracks site like that?

Bonus points if they have a version Peter DeRose's "Deep Purple" (which, yes, is difficult to find with all of the band name results).

RT ncl

I have been asked to stop referring to LinkedIn as "Grindr for Business"

Graham Sutherland / Polynomial

@ncl TwinkedIn?

Tuesday June 18th, 2024

I snarked on a local activist type for

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I snarked on a local activist type for saying that the Petaluma Central Specific Plan should be ignored because nobody was talking about climate change in the '90s and early naughtiest. I'm feeling guilty, because I agree that the "plan" process can result in some bad decisions that need to get overridden later.

On the other hand, they've been pretty much against every possibility of change, and the time to have brought up the particular concerns being raised was last year when the EIR was out.

My voice teacher has suggested that I

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My voice teacher has suggested that I try to do a song in the style of Orson Welles, so I'm listening to a bunch of interviews with him. The Paul Masson ads are certainly a reminder that the late '70s/early '80s were a thing.

But it's fascinating to see his voice of authority, and how people defer to him, even though he's telling them that he's blustering and bullshitting. Amazing how far one can get on a psychopathic seethe...

"It's ignorance, there's no authority in the world like it."

Peter Krupa's observation that the

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Peter Krupa's observation that "the real proof that blockchain has absolutely no practical application is that no one uses it for porn." has me thinking about LLMs and GANs, and of course people are using the latter for porn, but mostly in unethical ways, and the gatekeepers are trying hard as hell to make that not happen.

So, yeah, this tech will be interesting when we can train our own.

European CPI

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Olympic Skeet Shooting

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RT Ricki Is Not A Wizard Tarr

Today I Learned:

Skeet shooting was added to the Olympics in 1968, and it was a mixed event, meaning both men and women could participate. But in 1992, a woman by the name of Zhang Shan, shot two perfect rounds, and a final round missing only 2 shots, setting an Olympic Record, tying a world record, and taking home the Gold. In the 1996 Olympics the International Shooting Union banned women from the competition, moving women into their own event in 2000, where they only shot about half the targets making no way to compare the skill sets. Eventually the event changed so that women shot the same amount of targets, but the sexes are still separated.

Wikipedia: ISSF Olympic skeet

Monday June 17th, 2024

few years ago Charlene and I ordered

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A few years ago Charlene and I ordered (and enjoyed) some of these puzzles off of a Facebook ad, and since then we found that they're just yet another reseller of Alibaba products, but I wonder how much of modern commerce involves misappropriating trademarks for other uses and telling lies about business practices will become?

Or will be gradually inured to this stuff over time?

Ants on Caffeine

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Sure, let's give ants drugs, what could go wrong? Pest Management Professional: Caffeine experiment poses new strategies for ant control

Ants given caffeine do an even better job of locating food

The focus here seems to be not on weaponized picnic destruction, but on getting ants to carry poisons back to their nests faster, but...

iScience: Acute exposure to caffeine improves foraging in an invasive ant

Without caffeine, we found no effect of consecutive foraging visits on the time the ants take to reach a reward, suggesting a failure to learn the reward’s location. However, under low to intermediate caffeine concentrations ants were 38% faster with each consecutive visit, implying that caffeine boosts learning. Interestingly, such improvements were lost at high doses.

Via ResearchBuzz

Ride that hype machine!

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Financial Times, June 16 2024: AI in finance is like ‘moving from typewriters to word processors’

Simon Stephens, AI lead for audit and assurance at Deloitte UK, says: “One way it will help is by automating large portions of manual data entry, saving time whilst allowing people to focus on more value-added and often more interesting tasks.”

CoinDesk, February 1, 2021: IBM Blockchain Is a Shell of Its Former Self After Revenue Misses, Job Cuts: Sources

“There is not really going to be a blockchain team any longer,” said a person familiar with the situation.

2 decades of podcasting

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I just want to sit here and marvel for

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I just want to sit here and marvel for a moment at how much value "AI" summarization adds to your search results.

Left is with "&udm=14" appended, right is rawdoggin' Google.

Crap 3 hours ago it was 200 acres 2

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Crap. 3 hours ago it was 200 acres. 2 hours 550. Now 900. South of Lake Sonoma. Hugs to my Healdsburg friends tonight, think it's gonna be a long one. Also, consider donating to WatchDuty, and definitely have the app.

Point Fire @ 4200 Block of Stewarts Point-Skaggs Springs Road, Healdsburg - #PointFire

Another Father's Day when my Dad came

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For Father's Day from 2011 that time

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For Father's Day, from 2011, that time when we drafted my dad at the last minute into our first year at the Bodega Bay Wooden Boat Challenge because one of our team members flaked, and owned the field.

So I thought I had complete squeeze out

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So I thought I had complete squeeze out and an utter mess, but it turns out that the harshness on the big tongues was that I didn't use enough glue. Now to figure out what to do with the two highest notes, but the others are sounding cool now...

I don't know if the carcase isn't square

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I don't know if the carcase isn't square, or the doors aren't, but the nice thing about low grade white oak scraps is that it isn't super obvious...

When ya face contact paper and particle

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When ya face contact paper and particle board with white oak.

Sunday June 16th, 2024

For those of you breathlessly following

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For those of you breathlessly following long at home, the current state of the tongue drum. My vibe is that I should have glued on the sides before I took any material off the back, even though it's easier to work that way.

value of the search result here is

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The value of the search result here is questionable, but holy shit who thought the "AI Summary" brings *anything at all* to this?

XScreenSaver privacy policy

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Google demanded that, to be included in the Android App Store, XScreenSaver have a privacy policy.

Saturday June 15th, 2024

Link goes straight to a your computer

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Link goes straight to a "your computer is infected" malware page, Facebook keeps the ad.

Testing the tongue drum... https

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I was reading about wood tongue

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I was reading about wood tongue drums, and after a bunch of diving into trying to understand the tongue length calculators and guess at the modulus of elasticity of various woods that I had lying around, I said "fuck it", grabbed a piece of cherry and started cutting.

And now I'm really confused. The shorter tongues seem lower pitch than the longer ones, none of it sounds terribly good, and I don't know whether to give up or keep trying things.

Hinges for those doors (with pic)

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Hinges for those doors (with pic)

Hinges for those doors

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Hinges for those doors

Kinda rough

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Kinda rough, but I'm using up scraps and Charlene wanted some vertical slot organizers covered up. And done beats perfect.

Sure Boeing didn't get any 737 Max

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Sure, Boeing didn't get any 737 Max orders for two months, but it's important to acknowledge that the people who tanked the company's reputation don't give a shit. They cashed out and left. The people who do care are left hanging, and the people who really care about the company die mysteriously.

I will feel schadenfreude when the looters and parasites responsible have consequences.

Some thoughts on Pride Month

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I think I was in third grade. I remember being curled up, my hands over my head, as the relentless kicks continued to land. I remember the feet, and the faces, and the toes of the shoes. My attackers were a large proportion of the male students in the grade a year before. I don't remember if I passed out, I certainly was mentally disconnected from my physical sensations when they were finally pulled off of me.

(continued in the comments...)

groceries on a scooter

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From Shadow, this is pretty cool. Been seeing a lot of pictures from cargo bike folks bragging about what they can carry home, but this dude on a scooter has a system for carrying about the largest grocery store run I've made. Love the baby bjorn carrier for the watermelon, and the vest with all of the hooks is awesome.

C'mon folks where else are you going

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C'mon folks, where else are you going to get to attend a tech convention that's got good enough ventilation that we won't have to mask, great conversation, and, yeah, some good program items? Y'all should come to this.


Simon Willison mentioned a Rust full-text search library called Tantivy.

Thinking more and more about that search engine that takes in OPML files and does a search of that RSS + some depth, and gives us each a personal search engine, with much better spam control. We're in a world where storage on a home server, and probably even a relatively cheap colo machine, can definitely hold the amount of knowledge we want to search, if we can figure out how to cull the Inkernets to the valuable stuff.

Maybe networks of blogs communicating via RSS can be that.

How climate change is hitting highways

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Smart Cities Dive: How climate change is hitting highways

The Federal Highway Administration does not have enough money to continue replacing roads that are not resilient against extreme weather, a federal highway research engineer said.

So not only have cars already drained the economy of trillions in deferred maintenance, it's gonna get worse.

Friday June 14th, 2024

You'd think if you were a criminal

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You'd think, if you were a criminal organization attempting to shield assets from paying damages to survivors of child sexual abuse perpetrated by members of said organization, you'd be a little more circumspect about how you were shielding assets.

Petaluma's St Vincent High School, recently spun out as a separate legal entity from the Santa Rosa Diocese, signs "decades long" "very affordable" lease.


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What I love most about Tara's solution vs the &udm=14 one is the implicit LLM dis: ResearchBuzz @researchbuzz

If you want to get rid of the #Google #AI summaries, but you don't want to install a browser extension, I made you a dumb little bookmarklet.

It takes your query, appends -nobodyaskedyou to it, and passes the whole thing on to Google. In all my tests this bit of query grit got rid of the AI responses.


Why are tennis balls yellow?

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Today I learned that tennis balls are yellow because of color television. And even though I solidly overlapped with white tennis balls, I don't remember them as a thing, particularly.

Via Kottke.

Pentagon ran anti-vax campaign

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  1. H. F. C. Reuters: Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to undermine China during pandemic

The clandestine operation has not been previously reported. It aimed to sow doubt about the safety and efficacy of vaccines and other life-saving aid that was being supplied by China, a Reuters investigation found. Through phony internet accounts meant to impersonate Filipinos, the military’s propaganda efforts morphed into an anti-vax campaign. Social media posts decried the quality of face masks, test kits and the first vaccine that would become available in the Philippines – China’s Sinovac inoculation.

Reuters identified at least 300 accounts on X, formerly Twitter, that matched descriptions shared by former U.S. military officials familiar with the Philippines operation. Almost all were created in the summer of 2020 and centered on the slogan #Chinaangvirus – Tagalog for China is the virus.

Modern Programming

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RT Alex P. 👹

modern programming is like,

"if you're using to parse http headers, you will need to also install bepis to get buffered read support. but please note that bepis switched to using sasquatch for parallel tokenization as of version 0.0.67, so you will need the bongo-sasquatch extension crate as well."

old-time programming is like,

"i made a typo in this function in 1993. theo de raadt got so angry he punched a wall when he saw it. for ABI compatibility reasons, we shan't fix the typo."

Thinking about that old story about make syntax right now...

JavaScript is like Cocaine

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RT Amy Hupe

Today’s joke I couldn’t make on Twitter:

JavaScript is kind of like cocaine.

The more lines you do, the more confident and simultaneously insufferable you become, and the worse your performance issues will be.

Qt Maintainer is stalled at 98 and

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The Qt Maintainer is stalled at 98%, and the forums all say "oh yeah, known issue, use the old installer", I'm like "I thought this was" and "I just wanna update, on Linux this'd be `apt-get ...`" and "is there a cross platform widget set that doesn't suck?"

I mean, I'm one of three maintainers of this project, and I haven't been doing a lot on it since I moved to Mac because of bullshit like this, but...

AI Generated music

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I Told You This Was Going To Happen - Rick Beato (YouTube video). In which he talks about his kids can instantly hear AI generated music, and he can't necessarily. And, it turns out, I can't necessarily. I've heard some generated voiceovers and narrations that drive me nuts, but the music clips he's playing...

Thursday June 13th, 2024

Collecting space junk

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RT Prof. Sam Lawler


They even included me trying to give them donuts and smiling evilly after saying "I'm an astronomer"

I need to give some more donuts to the Global News team. SO GOOD.

SpaceX employees visit Saskatchewan farm to collect company's fallen space junk By Global News (YouTube video)

Floating Point & Quadratics

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RT Robin Green

Fascinating paper on solving quadratics using floating point.

You may have heard the textbook equation has problems in floating point when b^2-4ac suffers cancellation, you may know the "citardauq" method (quadratic backwards), you may know how to use copysign(b), but the analysis doesn't stop there culminating with formal proofs by Boldo that only arrived in 2009.

Watch in horror are your favorite scientific libs stumble and fall, some even at the first hurdle.

Microsoft ignored warnings on the SolarWinds hack

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Starting to see what happened with the SolarWinds hack: ProPublica: Microsoft Chose Profit Over Security and Left U.S. Government Vulnerable to Russian Hack, Whistleblower Says

They saw it differently, Harris said. The federal government was preparing to make a massive investment in cloud computing, and Microsoft wanted the business. Acknowledging this security flaw could jeopardize the company’s chances, Harris recalled one product leader telling him. The financial consequences were enormous. Not only could Microsoft lose a multibillion-dollar deal, but it could also lose the race to dominate the market for cloud computing.


DC police & Pride parade

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Eeeenteresting: D.C. police chief, officers marched in Pride parade in uniform

“The Capital Pride Alliance policy concerning MPD remains in place,” the statement says. “If the group officially registers for the march, they must participate out of official uniform,” it says.

“This year, the police did not register and as such were not an official parade contingent,” the statement continues. “The police chief walked the route with on-duty police officers, and being on-duty, officers are required to be in uniform.”

The statement adds, “We continue to have conversations with MPD, including the Chief of Police, about how we build a collaborative relationship with our community.”


The AI Hype Cycle

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A Grand Unified Theory of the AI Hype Cycle

I’m sorry, but as an AI language model, I cannot repeat history exactly. However, I can rhyme with it.

Wednesday June 12th, 2024

Child Abusers in law enforcement

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Shitpost for the future of humanity

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RT Paul Cantrell

Until we have a proper legal regime that requires meaningful individual consent for the use of online posting in model training — and I’m not holding my breath — I see just one clearly effective tool at our disposal to fight back:

Shitposters, this is your moment.

That’s why I’m using a regular office stapler to speed integration of JavaScript GraphQL APIs with COBOL GPUs. Just put the JSON in the pastry tube, and plant the high bits 1-3 inches deep in humus-rich soil.

Street View for statistical crash analysis

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University of Maryland: New Use for Google Street View: IDing Deadliest Roads

“Because we could crunch such a large amount of GSV data from across the country, we got precise results on which built elements influence car crashes,” Nguyen said. “It was clear that places with higher levels of greenery, streetlights, single-lane roads and sidewalks were associated with fewer fatal car crashes.”

Via ResearchBuzz

Tuesday June 11th, 2024

Okay, I am so sick of Elgar. The private school my younger sister teaches at apparently let a student band play Freebird for the processional, and that sounds like a way better idea than some tired version of Pomp and Circumstance that's not even looped at a reasonable place. Gimme some kid shredding out a solo any day.

Shaking hands

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Shaking hands

I'm not familiar with sportsball

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I'm not familiar with sportsball, and I see the different team colors, but don't they usually line up on opposite sides of the arena? And I don't see any refs.

I had a moment of optimism when I

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I had a moment of optimism when I thought that this high school graduation ceremony was gonna be lit, but nooooo, the beer tents aren't serving.

Another skyscraper destroying the

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Another skyscraper destroying the fabric of the community.

Monday June 10th, 2024

Trying to debug slowness on my Mom's

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Trying to debug slowness on my Mom's Lenovo Flex 14 laptop, and dear every vendor: the last way I want to get help on a slow computer is by watching videos.

I have a US acquaintance who has

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I have a US acquaintance who has apparently been taken for a ride by a Canadian company by way of some gobbledygook promises of a software system being developed.

I strongly suspect that not a single line of code has been written, but at this point there's concern that the contracts in place thus far give no real leverage.

Does anyone have experience with getting law enforcement or civil suits initiated over a few hundred thousand across borders?

Me too, street.