Thursday May 25th, 2017

Bungle in the Jungle

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Wednesday May 24th, 2017

CAM GIRLZ (Full feature length documentary on Vimeo Video), a video about webcam "girls" (women), and their performance.

(And unlike some other exploitation stuff recently, this was shot with the consent and cooperation of the subjects.)

Spiritual awakening

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Tuesday May 23rd, 2017

Flying car growing pains

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Occasionally I hang out with transportation geeks, and a topic that comes up regularly is "what about flying cars?" I mean, yeah, it's a bit fanciful, but in the 50 year timespan it's something people think meaningfully about.

The truth is: Flying cars are already here. The future just isn't evenly distributed. And when you try to bring them into a neighborhood, people get pissed off.

Proposed Palmaz helicopter pad inflames Napa Valley's winery wars

SD card in my phone died yesterday

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The SD card in my phone died yesterday, which meant that I lost a pic of the best vanity plate ever: "KEGELIT"

LSD in Windsor

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In heyday of LSD, secret Windsor lab produced millions of Orange Sunshine pills. A little bit on the history of LSD manufacturing in Sonoma County...

Scully figured they needed to produce 440 pounds — about 720 million doses of LSD — roughly enough to provide a single dose for everyone in the world willing to try it.

Landrieu on Confederate monuments

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Transcript of New Orleans Mayor Landrieu’s address on Confederate monuments.

The YouTube video of Mayor Landrieu's address, with transcript in the comments there.

Another friend asked me to consider these four monuments from the perspective of an African American mother or father trying to explain to their fifth grade daughter who Robert E. Lee is and why he stands atop of our beautiful city. Can you do it?

Can you look into that young girl’s eyes and convince her that Robert E. Lee is there to encourage her? Do you think she will feel inspired and hopeful by that story? Do these monuments help her see a future with limitless potential? Have you ever thought that if her potential is limited, yours and mine are too?

Monday May 22nd, 2017

Dating & Anime

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Not sure if related or not:

* Japan's sex problem is so bad that people are quitting dating and marrying their friends:

The country has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, with just 8.4 children being born per 1,000 inhabitants over the past five years.

Its population of 127 million people is predicted to decrease to 87 million by 2060.

* This Penguin Was Dumped By His Girlfriend And Is Now In Love With An Anime Cutout

Why the majority is always wrong

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Why the majority is always wrong | Paul Rulkens | TEDxMaastricht (YouTube). Nothing you didn't already know, but it's a good reminder...

Sunday May 21st, 2017

Rear view camera

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One from Shadow:

Why locking your bike on your rack when it's on a car is a good idea (has a happy ending, though).

Just got told I'd make a fabulous gay

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Just got told I'd make a fabulous gay man if I wasn't a lesbian...

Thursday May 18th, 2017

Holly Maniatty

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Wednesday May 17th, 2017

Ryan: Putin pays Trump

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House majority leader to colleagues in 2016: ‘I think Putin pays’ Trump:

When initially asked to comment on the exchange, Brendan Buck, a spokesman for Ryan, said: “That never happened,” and Matt Sparks, a spokesman for McCarthy, said: “The idea that McCarthy would assert this is absurd and false.”

After being told that The Post would cite a recording of the exchange, Buck, speaking for the GOP House leadership, said: “This entire year-old exchange was clearly an attempt at humor. No one believed the majority leader was seriously asserting that Donald Trump or any of our members were being paid by the Russians. What’s more, the speaker and leadership team have repeatedly spoken out against Russia’s interference in our election, and the House continues to investigate that activity.”

Tuesday May 16th, 2017

Trump asked Comey to end the Flynn investigation

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Comey kept a paper trail... NYT: Trump asked Comey to end the Flynn & Russia investigation.

After the meeting, Mr. Comey’s associates did not believe there was any way to corroborate Mr. Trump’s statements. But Mr. Trump’s suggestion last week that he was keeping tapes has made them wonder whether there are tapes that back up Mr. Comey’s account.

WaPo: Notes made by former FBI Director Comey say Trump pressured him to end Flynn probe.

Woman in front of me at grocery store

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Woman in front of me at grocery store almost left two items: "The best part." Didn't ask if she meant the wine, or the batteries...

Woman in front of me at grocery store

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Woman in front of me at grocery store almost left two items: "The best part." Didn't ask if she meant the wine, or the batteries...

Listening about Indian farmers working

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Listening about Indian farmers working half acre plots, thinking about suburban homesteading...

Modern American slavery

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Holy crap is this a tear-jerker: The Atlantic: A Story of Slavery in Modern America:

My Family’s Slave

She lived with us for 56 years. She raised me and my siblings without pay. I was 11, a typical American kid, before I realized who she was.

When we talk about "trafficking", this...

Monday May 15th, 2017

PostIt note security

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WaPo: When President Trump’s bodyguard revealed Jim Mattis’s private cellphone number:

This of course sounds impossible. Way more care than that is taken around the president, right? The Secret Service is good at secrecy, generally. So I thanked the guy for the call and dubiously pulled up the photo in question. With the monitor turned 90 degrees and the photo blown up, indeed, I could make out a number and what might be “Jim, Mad Dog, Mattis,” if you have better eyesight than mine even when I squint.

I called. I got the voice mail. It was him.

Trump leaks

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Welp. This is everywhere now. Might as well mark it here, too: WaPo: Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador.

One day after dismissing Comey, Trump welcomed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak — a key figure in earlier Russia controversies — into the Oval Office. It was during that meeting, officials said, that Trump went off script and began describing details of an Islamic State terrorist threat related to the use of laptop computers on aircraft.

Friday May 12th, 2017


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Am exploring Scuttlebutt and while most of the chatter is about scuttlebutt, bugs, code etc.. I have seen some interesting intelligent conversations and signs of life. Am thinking about setting up a 'pub' (kinda like a BBS in some ways) partially as a possible client/server for adhoc network working groups.

Anyone else playing? I found it because Dan mentioned it.

Fingerprint master key

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MasterPrint: Exploring the Vulnerability of Partial Fingerprint-based Authentication Systems (IEEE Paywall). It's paywalled, and I haven't read it, but if I'm understanding the German article that led me to it, Zwei Drittel aller Fingerabdrucksensoren lassen sich mit einem (1) Abdruck überlisten", it's about building a fingerprint "master key" that opens about 2/3rds of smartphones locked with fingerprints.

Yet another reason to avoid relying on biometrics.

Oh here we go, the NYU press release: So You Think You Can Secure Your Mobile Phone With a Fingerprint? NYU Tandon and Michigan State University Researchers Find That Similarities in Partial Fingerprints May be Sufficient to Trick Biometric Security Systems on Smartphones.

Looks like they're working in a simulated environment, but still some interesting implications.