Thursday May 19th, 2022

Reframing consent around collaboration

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Sex educators, let’s stop using the phrase “asking for consent.” This applies that one has an agenda: to obtain consent. Instead, perhaps we can talk about “asking about consent” or “asking if someone consents.” The goal is not to get a “yes” but to get an authentic answer.

Wednesday May 18th, 2022

Ten Years On

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Boy that's a hell of a way to get

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Boy that's a hell of a way to get click-thrus...

your preferred pound proves love

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RT Chuck Tingle @ChuckTingle (part of a thread):

because when that devil politician or those lonesome conservative keyboard moaners see it they might not say somethiing but in their deep brain they think: 'that is joyful sex and it is strange and unique and it is GROWING' and they know there is nothing they can do to stop it

Tuesday May 17th, 2022

multiple slurp juices on an ape

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If I’m at the suicide hotline and some dude calls me with a shaky voice saying he lost the ape and bought a rope I’m putting him on speaker phone and cracking a dew

Sigh. My guerrilla traffic calming flexible bollards have disappeared. Oh well, maybe we started a conversation with it.

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Be careful out there, Starlink is conjunct ISS and there’s a Boeing 747 in retrograde

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What if the demon summons YOU for hot sex huh, how would YOU like that?

noble families

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At least under old feudalism, noble families could trace their titles to “my ancestor served in the armies of the conquering monarch”. Under new feudalism it’s just “my ancestor bought a detached house in 1975”.

Monday May 16th, 2022

Just got this FB ad

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Just got this FB ad, did a little searching on California SB 1149, went and read the bill, and decided it was worth contacting Bill Dodd and asking him to support it.

On groooming and popular high school teachers

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I don't think I'll ever understand

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I don't think I'll ever understand astrology, but apparently mortuary is in tardigrade...

Saturday May 14th, 2022

Just ordered me one of these

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Just ordered me one of these...

Looks like the guerrilla traffic

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Looks like the guerrilla traffic calmers have struck.

Friday May 13th, 2022

urban highways

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The deadly impact of urban streets that look like highways

“There are a lot of roads in urban areas that aren’t highways but look like high-speed highways from the driver’s point of view,” said Jonathan Stiles, now at Florida Atlantic University, who led this work as a postdoctoral researcher in <span>geography at Ohio State.

“That’s a problem because drivers behave as if those streets are highways, even though there may be a lot of pedestrians and human activity nearby.”

The study was published May 11, 2022 in the journal Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science. Other co-authors were Harvey Miller, professor, and Yuchen Li, graduate student, both in geography at Ohio State.

Date/Time formats

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RFC3330 vs ISO8601, a look at the overlaps between date time formats ISO 8601-1:2019, ISO 8601-2:2019 vs RFC 3339

It's the Year of Our Lord 2023

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It's the Year of Our Lord 2023, why are we still having Zoom webinars with substandard audio and background noise?

Recursive Mutexes

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Recursive mutexes by David Butenhof

And so DCE threads has pthread_lock_global() and pthread_unlock_global(). But if that's all that's necessary, why does POSIX have recursive mutexes?

Because of a dare.

Painkillers & pain

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Turns out anti-inflammatory painkillers likely make you heal more slowly: Acute inflammatory response via neutrophil activation protects against the development of chronic pain DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.abj9954

Together, our results suggest that active immune processes confer adaptation at the acute pain stage, and impairment of such inflammatory responses in subjects with acute LBP (or TMD) increases the risk of developing chronic pain. These adaptive inflammatory responses are intrinsically transcriptionally driven, probably modified by both genetics and environmental factors, and can be inhibited by steroids and NSAIDs.

Now I have a paper to cite next emergency room visit when they ask me why I don't want painkillers, aside from the whole "I hate the feeling of what they do to my jaw muscles".

Thursday May 12th, 2022

My hobby is apparently reading

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My hobby is apparently reading "final" technical summaries with every page stamped "Do Not Cite, Quote or Distribute".

For your sins

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Anthony Oliveira @meakoopa

you want me to trust in God? the thing that killed God’s son?

SIDS enzyme identified

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Of course we've heard for years that the reason for SIDS has been identified, but: Researchers Pinpoint Reason Infants Die From SIDS

The Sydney researchers were able to confirm this theory by analyzing dried blood samples taken from newborns who died from SIDS and other unknown causes. Each SIDS sample was then compared with blood taken from healthy babies. They found the activity of the enzyme butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) was significantly lower in babies who died of SIDS compared to living infants and other non-SIDS infant deaths. BChE plays a major role in the brain’s arousal pathway, explaining why SIDS typically occurs during sleep.

Butyrylcholinesterase is a potential biomarker for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

"🎶Baby, when I met you there was peace unknown / I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb🎶"... wait? A fine tooth comb? So this is like... lice? Did someone give someone crabs?

Wednesday May 11th, 2022

Thinking about designs for a traffic

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Thinking about designs for a "traffic congestion drives positive outcomes" T-shirt. If someone else comes up with a good one first, I'll buy it.

Pure evil, in Perl form: The regex [,-.]

Dealing with Difficult People

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Back at the beginning of the pandemic I subscribed to Zoom and offered to host discussion for based on the "Newbie Callers" Facebook group for newer Modern Western Square Dance Callers. Shortly afterwards, Don Beck said "I can find speakers!", and the Newbie Callers Zoom series was born.

Anyway, eventually I had to miss a session or two, so I set up Don as a co-host on my account, and one of those sessions I missed was Newbie Callers 2022-04-25: Mel Wilkerson on dealing with difficult people. And I'm finding value in listening to it now.

abortion & encryption

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RT Riana Pfefferkorn @Riana_Crypto

Let me especially emphasize that last point. If you're a Democratic lawmaker who's spent the past week talking about how you're pro-choice and privacy is a right and abortion is health care not a crime, I don't ever want to see you vote to weaken encryption ever fucking again.

In the context, of course, of every Democratic Senator who passed the EARN IT act out of the judiciary, and every cop apologist who doesn't incorporate law enforcement into their threat model.

This place gives me the CREPS

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From the work slack: Vox: Who made these circles in the Sahara? An interesting dive into finding some weird formations on Google Earth and tracking them back to oil exploration.

Residential Stagnation

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Interesting read on, among other things, the problem of a common currency in multiple disparate economies when local control supresses workforce mobility. No, it's not talking about Greece and Germany in the EU, it's talking about the United States... Yale Law Journal: Stuck! The Law and Economics of Residential Stagnation

Do I know anyone into watch repair as a

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Do I know anyone into watch repair as a hobby? Charlene has some tools from her Dad that she's got some emotional connection to and would love to go to someone who knows what to do with them...

Tuesday May 10th, 2022

When your link farm gets the sign

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When your link farm gets the sign wrong.

(Image of Google results for "what do square dance callers make" suggesting, among other things, a median income of $40,222 and a low of $16,640. Between voice lessons, gear, and music, I may actually spend that much on it...)

...and you're the only bait in town...

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Heavy Metal Under the Sea: Sharks Act Calmer When Listening to AC/DC

According to Australian news outlet ABC, Matt Waller, a tour operator in Neptune Bay, discovered that great white sharks act more calmly when listening to music by AC/DC, the Aussie heavy-metal band that reached its peak during the 1980s. The two songs favored by the sharks: “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Back in Black.”

Just had this flash of converting this

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Just had this flash of converting this to two woonerfs with buildings down the middle....

Men will literally spend their evenings

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Men will literally spend their evenings gluing wood scraps together rather than go to therapy...

Monday May 9th, 2022

Alito's leaked writings

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RT Dave Zirin @EdgeofSports

How long is the DC media going to pretend that everyone in town isn’t whispering that insurrectionist loon Ginni Thomas leaked Alito’s opinion because Bret Kavanaugh was wavering? There’s one discussion in front of the cameras and another behind.

Yet another Twitter thread on Alito citing Hale

RT Red @ladydemona

In the med device world, if the threat model identifies a risk that could cause patient death, that's an uncontrolled risk. good luck trying to get that device cleared thru the feds... Start opening CAPA's and fix the root cause.

Ironic, no?

RT Ben Gross @bengrossbg

Don't ask me to call you a "good girl" in bed. I am not in a position to make moral judgments about you, it's only through self interrogation of your own actions and the motivation of those actions that one can determine if they've been "naughty" or not

Anti-SWATting script

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Apparently the volunteers who run An Archive of Our Own (AO3) and Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) are under attack from the usual suspects, and, based on my own experience with G*m*rG*t* and the like, I'm saving off this Twitter thread with scripts to use with your local police department about the possibility of getting SWATted and how to avoid SWATting

If you are now, or ever have been at any point in the last 14 years have been, an #ao3/#otw volunteer under your wallet name, you should IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT ANY DELAY call your police non-emergency number and arrange anti-SWAT precautions.