Tuesday September 25th, 2018

funniest thing about the Scion with the

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The funniest thing about the Scion with the "hoonigan" and "it's lit" stickers is that for all that noise he's accelerating no faster than my '97 Ford Ranger.

Monday September 24th, 2018

Volkswagen is a NodeJS NPM package that detects when you're running on a continuous integration server and reports that all your tests passed.

Sometimes we see snapshots of a

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Sometimes we see snapshots of a person's life, and then, later get the chance to step back and see the larger arc. This is a worthy cause. https://www.gofundme.com/law-school-and-a-trailerapartment

Sunday September 23rd, 2018

Where he learned it

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RT David Burbach David Burbach @dburbach:

Wait, Gorsuch & Kavanaugh's "Sex and Marriage" teacher at Georgetown Prep later went to federal prison for child porn, and was suspected of molesting his own daughters? wtf?

Commenting on: ‘100 Kegs or Bust’: Kavanaugh friend, Mark Judge, has spent years writing about high school debauchery.

California's economy and tax structure

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It's no secret that Proposition 13 has massively messed up California's revenue generation. This is an interesting look at how the emphasis on income tax for revenue, and the willingness of California's higher earners to consistently vote for higher taxes on themselves, might be causing some uncertainty and risk in long-term budget planning.

It's especially stark on just how much subsidy of rural and agricultural areas the state extracts from the tech sector. Can California’s next governor fix the state’s problems? It depends on Palo Alto

Saturday September 22nd, 2018

Autonomous RVs

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Self-driving homes could be the future of affordable housing. If parking and road use remain essentially free, then, yeah, autonomous RVs make a hell of a lot of sense as a housing option.

Friday September 21st, 2018

When the previous programmer's tests

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When the previous programmer's tests were non-deterministic because despite all the threaded code said programmer wrote, they apparently didn't know about condition variables... :eyes:

Thursday September 20th, 2018

Why does everyone's thread abstraction

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Why does everyone's thread abstraction library always make things more complex and harder to deal with than just using the pthreads API directly? (Today's facepalms brought to you by Apple)

Sidewalk Vending

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Interesting to see so many of my libertarian friends elated by this: Sidewalk vending is decriminalized across California. Allowing vendors to impede pedestrian traffic while not paying rent seems like a large externality.

Tentacle Love

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The undersea and the ecstasy: MDMA leaves octopuses loved up

Normally antisocial sea creature becomes friendly and tactile after being given the drug, scientists say

Scientists Gave MDMA to Octopuses—and What Happened Was Profound

“This was such an incredible paper, with a completely unexpected and almost unbelievable outcome,” Judit Pungor, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oregon not involved in the study, told Gizmodo. “To think that an animal whose brain evolved completely independently from our own reacts behaviorally in the same way that we do to a drug is absolutely amazing.”

Octopuses Get Strangely Cuddly On The Mood Drug Ecstasy

Racists & the GOP

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Why do all these racists keep joining the GOP?

But the vast majority of conservatives will tell you that they strongly believe in racial equality. Even the donor who wrote “F— THE MUSLIM N—–” about Obama says he is “absolutely not” a racist. They do believe, however, that they are constantly being unfairly accused of being racists by liberals. They eat up laughable pseudo-histories such as the work of Dinesh D’Souza claiming that Democrats are the real racists. ...

Wednesday September 19th, 2018

Not paying attention

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Some Interpersonal verbs

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Some Interpersonal Verbs, Conjugated By Gender:

He is drinking; he is drunk; he was drunk.
He is just 17; he was just 17.
Remember that he is just a kid; remember that he was just a kid; you must remember he was just a kid.


She is drinking; she is drunk; she was drunk.
She is 15; she was 15.
She is putting herself in this position; she put herself in that position.

So it's Talk Like A Pirate day Got

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So it's Talk Like A Pirate day? "Got any w@r3z, d00d? Copyright is theft."

Tuesday September 18th, 2018

Difference between Bluegrass, Old Time and Celtic

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The Difference between Bluegrass, Old Time and Celtic bands, now finally

Old Time and Celtic songs are about whiskey, food and struggle. Bluegrass
songs are about God, mother and the girl who did me wrong. If the girl isn’t 
dead by the third verse, it ain’t Bluegrass. If everyone dies, it’s Celtic.

So one route to popularity is

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So one route to popularity is apparently to have a sound system during campaign season. So many people want to borrow my speakers for events...

Monday September 17th, 2018

Every man should be worried

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Mormon Bishop excommunicated for wanting to stop sexual interrogation of kids

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Mormon Bishop Sam Young excommunicated for wanting to stop sexually explicit interviews of children.

Young, founder of "Protect LDS Children," said in August that he had been sent a letter informing him that a formal disciplinary council would convene on his behalf to discuss his future in the church following his public outcry aginst the interviews, which can involve bishops asking children about masturbation or pornography.

Wow. Linus Torvalds on stepping back and his conduct and attitudes with respect the process of building Linux and working with people https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/C...2wxUmGsz9ZJzqgJQ@mail.gmail.com/

Sunday September 16th, 2018

Lead poisoning in Detroit

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Detroit kids’ lead poisoning rates higher than Flint. Some of this is probably due to fucked up water delivery systems, some of this due to lead paint in houses being torn down. That latter is something to remember when you see lobbying for limiting paint company liability...

Breaching Whales

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Keeping our borders safe

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Texas Border Patrol agent accused of "serial killing spree" in Laredo:

Juan David Ortiz, an intel supervisor for the Border Patrol, has been accused of killing four women, including one transgender woman, and kidnapping a fifth woman, who escaped and alerted law enforcement.