Cool Sites in Chronological Order

AstroJax "The future of the YoYo." Mine has certainly been fun, and I pull it out again regularly. Everybody can do some stuff with a YoYo, but staying good requires practice. Just doing anything with this device gets people's attention.

Stuff the Warning Label Said Not to Dotm : getting pinatas near open flame; incinerating aerosol bottles; and the BFP(otato)G-9000, a mach1 capable pneumatic potato gun with interchangeable barrels. Includes MPEG and stills of potatoes meeting several watermelons at 550 MPH.

This is to make it clear that the BFPG-9000 is a pneumatic/compressed air based potato gun with a main volume of 4 gallons typically pressurized to 125psi. Conventional hairspray based potato guns typically only develop 10 to 20psi when firing are no match in comparison to the muzzle velocity and sheer destructive Kinetic Energy of compressed air based designs as will shortly become evident to you :)

At lunch to day I saw Paul Ekman, a researcher in non-verbal communication, speak. So, some non-verbal communication links:

Sluggy Freelance_ is a comic strip about a web designer, his alien secretary, a killer rabbit, a weasel (or is that ferret?) with a short attention span, an intern to a radio shrink, and a tinkerer who summons demons and builds large destructive robots, who have far too many experiences with interdimensional travel to be healthy. Starting at the _Sluggy Viewer's Guide will just chew up way more of your time than is good for you.

There is no cabal , the illuminati don't exist, and I am not a member of any secret conspiratorial organizations. Move along, nothing to see here.

The Alternatives to Marriage Project mailing list is starting to generate some traffic.

"Positively Pixar aims to be the most comprehensive site on the web for fans of Pixar Animation Studios."

Cameron Barrett has an oft updated site much like flutterby at

A site on sex work that I haven't had time to check out yet but comes well recommended:

From the SHS come a few URLs:

Cleis Press, publishers of The New Good Vibrations Guide to Sex, The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, etc. now has a web site:

Down There Press also has a web site, which is part of the Good Vibrations site:

And two other smut publishers:

Scott McCloud, author of the awesome Understanding Comics, now has a web site at

The Top 10 reasons eternal damnation is better than Microsoft software development.

I've been mentioning DAV in various places. At first perusal, it's a spec for allowing directory access from HTTP servers. There's an Apache module to support it, and the DAV resources page points to the DAV IETF draft

It's Deppity Bob's Illicit Penguin Lust page , shocking displays of that most sexual of seabirds.

Nerdly stuff: What if you could write file systems in Perl? DAV mount points? http and ftp just another directory structure?

GPL is everwhere. Now there's development of a system to be an alternative to Ultima Online, called Altima .

If you're interested in deploying Open Source software such as Linux, Apache, Sendmail, or any of the other systems which are making huge inroads in enterprise computing, The Halloween Document is an interesting read. Allegedly a leaked internal Microsoft document with Eric Raymond's comments on what it all means.

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