Cool Sites in Chronological Order

My rant on JFK got Dan Hartung to encourage me to reread Kennedy's inaugural speech (from the Columbia University archive of inaugural speeches ). It still scares me, but putting it in historical context is interesting, of course world affairs have changed dramatically since then but I think most of my friends, on both sides of the political spectrum, would at best sit politely on their hands through it.

If you're interested in digital imaging and digital cameras, Imaging Resource has great side by side comparisons, including the ability to pull up two images of a genre made by different cameras, and lots of reviews.

Via Robot Wisdom some interesting and occasionally risqu Flash animations .

Digital Discipline: Gear for the Twisted Pair is one of those "why didn't I think of that" experiences. Or maybe I did and just dismissed the idea. Their products include the DS-6, "A single, six-stranded flat braid for when you need maximum throughput. One look and the recipient will know you're serious about your bandwidth", and the "Cat5 o' Eight Tails".

Via FactoVision (and /. , and everyone else by now), to go along with that comment about MoCap sex, comes computer models of women .

Wow. The world's smallest web server , so far as I can tell. I haven't priced out his particular parts, but this means that for somewhere under $10 you can add a TCP/IP stack to anything.

I think I may have to make a field trip to Faerie Queene Chocolates :

Located in the heart of San Francisco's Castro District, our goal is to present you with some of the world's finest handmade confections both imported and made in our kitchen. Whether you are a chocolate novice or an established connoisseur, we hope that you will find something from our selections, to tempt your palate.

The Society for the Prevention of Childbirth , "a collective of unabashed misanthropes", is yet another negative population growth organization.

The Linux Printing HOWTO Support Database lets you search for Linux/Ghostscript supported printers.

Oh the places we 'bloggers toil for the rest of you... Occasionally someone will post some really fantastic work to That this happens on Usenet is a miracle, that it happens in the spam laden heierarchy doubly so. But a guy named Al Steiner is writing a tale of a 30 year old who ends up a teenager again, kicked back to high school in the '80s with a chance to make a different set of choices. Good read, not just for the prurient parts but because he's also telling an interesting tale.

The web is one sick, twisted, perverse place. Kiki passes along nude carrots and furniture porn .

Kiki is building the Firefall fountain for Burning Man . It's cool to scoop out some of the burning water/fuel mixture and pour it from hand to hand while it's flaming.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Walter Gibson's original Shadow adventures in PDF format .

Keevah passes along Articles & Essays by Wm. J. Beck III . I haven't got to reading much of it yet, she recommended The Dark Thread which was a bit slow at times but worth reading, not because I agree with all of it but because it made me think. Good notes on where to draw lines.

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