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So one of the ways it's coming slowly: I've been remodeling my house, and went to fix the doorbell and discovered that a doorbell transformer draws 3 watts. I said to myself "shoot, for that much power I could put two Linux servers in my doorbell." So I did.

And now I want to do other things with it, like make it take a picture of whomever's at the door and send it out to my workshop so I can see if I want to take off my hearing protection and go cover my visitor in sawdust.

There's a bunch of other stuff here, but the reality is that I can already do all of these things, and I haven't, much. Or I'm using someone else's services for. So these things apparently don't matter as much as people would hope.

So let's talk a bit about real use cases, and the failures we've seen in the approaches so far.

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