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Software Engineering for Young Turks

As a cocky young programmer of (ahem) considerable talent but not much patience for working in groups, I've learned a lot in my travels, from being part of a small (4-5 people, there was turnover) group that implemented a many hundreds of thousand lines of C code project for mass-market distribution (The GROUPS4 group health insurance rating system) to my work as a freelance coder to my being part of the teams that created the two hottest selling edutainment titles of all time.

There's a lot that I could have known when I dropped out of college to become a full-time coder, most of which school doesn't teach and much of which I probably wouldn't have listened to anyway. This is a collection of my thoughts on the process. As with all my collections, it's growing and changing.

Software Engineering for Young Turks is a collection in the home pages of Dan Lyke, reachable at