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Re: Any using the Erasmatron?

>I just recently redownloaded the Erasmatron. Had heard about it probably a
>year ago, when I had a crappy machine, and couldn't run it. Then I moved up
>to a halfway decent machine, could run it, and then found that I had no
>time to actually work on it.
>This list has redoubled my interests in both the HTML world that I had been
>thinking about, as well as the Erasmatron, so curiousity abounds - am I the
>only one?


Nope. I have looked at shattertownsky & king arthur(Chris's try) with the
Erasmatron and I was very disappointed. Mr.. Crawford is a hero of mine and
I highly suggest reading the papers he has on his site. I know others on the
list are aware of the Erasmatron but not sure how they feel about it.