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Re: Modern age or Fiction based?

>> d) Modern age or Fiction based?
>Well, I'm a big fan of modern novels in the classical style, ie: Robertson
>Davies, John Fowles, even Tom Robbins. But in literature at least the
>market for those seems precluded by historical novels in modern style
>(There are very few editors and/or agents these days who appear to
>understand subtlety).

I should have clarified the question a little more clearly. If I were to
answer it, I would have to say "both". I'd want to play in a modern world
that I can easily recogize. I want to pick up the phone and talk into it,
but I wouldn't mind being able to pick up the phone and look into it as

I'd like a modern world which is a little more advanced than ours. I don't
want flying cars or robots, but more an evolution of the sciences.
Actually, the world I would love to play in would be something like
Parasite Eve on the PlayStation. Has anyone heard of it?

Nutshell: You play in modern day New York, trying to stop a biological
nightmare: your mitochondria have awakened and they're pissed off.

Biological evolution, chemical evolution, drug evolution - those are the
things that I'd want to play off, as opposed to full hard core
technological evolution. That is overdone, personally.

On the other hand, I haven't seen a good mutant game any time soon, so I'd
want to make something like that work.

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