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Re: chick flick?

>First off, I can confirm that Dan is indeed a graphics weenie's weenie and
>would also agree that the current generation of graphics cards are enough to
>push the polys needed to convey emotion. The soon to be available cards will
>be pushing around 15 million polys a second (translation A BIG boat load)
>and will just improve the fidelity and numbers of objects that can viewed.
>Soon Lighting and transforms will be done by hardware on the video cards and
>then we can start working with more complex scenes.

Are we more concerned with telling a story, or showing emotion? That's
probably a totally incorrect expression - I know that I love playing in
worlds, and so forth, but due to my crappy ass computer, I can't. The
graphics discussion pretty much euthanasia's me from any sort of enjoyment
into your world.

>My apologies for the emoticons. I am sure my friends will club me like a
>baby seal now.


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