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Re: Several points

Dan Lyke said:
>Fulfilling story, except for certain genres of farce and comedy (from
>which a few of the action genres draw heavily), needs a meaning for
>each change and each action. If you're mucking with those changes and
>actions based on the expectations of your audience you're destroying
>the underlying meaning and dramatic structure.
>If, on the other hand, you play with the symbols and icons that appeal
>to each audience without changing the structure, that's just messing
>with the retelling.

And, conversely (in perhaps a somewhat erasmatronish way), what if we
can have an author write down the rules for those underlying
meanings and structure.. but allow a computer to drastically alter
the superficial details based on the player's actions?

And the author may perhaps write these rules in a flexible way.. i.e.,
good will always triumph over evil somehow.. as a general rule.. but
allow the computer to figure out how to accomplish that while fitting
into the player's actions? 

That way, the author achieves their goal of sending a the message
they want to send.. but they won't know in advance just how that
message will be sent!


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