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Chris, I think I get it!

At 8:49 -0800 1/31/01, Chris Crawford wrote:
>You can't create an interactive "Romeo and Juliet", because that 
>story has already been frozen. You can create an interactive 
>storyworld demonstrating how family loyalties, interfamily 
>rivalries, group hatred, and young love all interrelate. "Romeo and 
>Juliet" would be one possible outcome of the playing of such a 
>storyworld -- but there would be many other possible outcomes.

I think I finally get what you're saying.

You're saying that when you interact with a system, that system is 
not the story.. the end result of your interaction is the story. 
Thus, interaction might PRODUCE a story, but doesn't really 
"interact" with it.

So, for instance, you might interact with a storyteller, causing that 
storyteller to tell a different story.. but since that story doesn't 
exist until it's told, you can't really interact with it.. you're 
really just aiding in its creation/authorship.

Is that it?


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