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Re: Film Noir Simulation

Detective stories are a great genre for tackling plot. But there are
some sub-classes there that you might want to sort through.
	Personally, I dig the pulpy 'two-fisted' material. In this sub-section
the crimes involved usually are personal to the protagonist
(subjective); perhaps he is framed for the murder and must clear his
name, or the victim was a close friend and he vows revenge (not
justice). And it stays personal, often becomes more personal. One of the
best examples is the classic Noir film: DOA, in which the murder victim
is the protagonist himself.
	The other end of the spectrum is more dry (objective); the mystery may
be much more clever and difficult to solve, but the drive to solve it
may only be insatiable curiosity or egotism. A lot of the Sherlock
Holmes stories fall on this side of the coin.
	Either way, or somewhere in the middle, the genre innately involves
reasoning and action -- surely ideal for adaptation to an interactive