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18MB for Buttons?!?

2007-07-18 16:08:37.618713+00 by ebradway 0 comments

I have a fairly new HP Pavillion laptop that I use for my work. It's running the stock install of XP Pro and has most of the crapware still installed. It has these buttons across the top of keyboard to play DVDs and music. They are these touch-sensitive things (like the iPhone) and my cats activate them all the time, causing Windows to go into Hibernation. Anyhow, I was running HP's system updater and it wanted to download an update for the driver for these buttons: 18MB worth!

Dan mentioned that I'm selling an Atari 400. This computer has a total of 8KB of memory but still can handle simple button-pushing operations. I can't imagine why this driver could be more than 1MB in size, even if it includes a DVD player!

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