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Reason #1 to prefer OOo

2007-08-24 00:51:50.837916+00 by Shawn 0 comments

I've got lots of stuff I've been waiting to throw out there until I get my own blog set up, but sitting here beating my head on the wall at work - in a Microsoft shop (not 10 minutes by car from the heart of the Evil Empire itself) - I had to give in and start this list somewhere...

I had the pleasure (yes pleasure) of adding my contribution to a shared Word document from the comfort of my own home Linux desktop using Open Office.org the other day. The process went flawlessly. Today, I'm back in the office (little "o") with Office 2007. I open the same document to continue collaborating and trip over the same productivity vacuum I ran into at home: The document is so huge that I'm having trouble keeping track of where I am in relation to the rest of the content. I take a quick sweep through The Ribbon (shudder) but I don't see anything that looks like it might be of any help.

On the other hand, I give you Reason #1 why I prefer OpenOffice.org over Microsoft Office: The Navigator. Open the Edit menu and select Navigator (or just hit F5). Done.

(Perhaps I should just do all my editing at work with OpenOffice.org Portable from now on.)

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