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A Reason for WinXP.

2007-11-26 04:37:57.081146+00 by meuon 0 comments

I downloaded a demo, then went nuts for Propellerheads Reason 4. It runs on MacOSX and Windows, I'm on WinXP.. It's so good that I don't feel guilty for booting into WinXP. On boot it detected my keyboard, downloaded 'controls' and loaded into a sane working state with a demo song ready to not only play, but for me to play along with. The sampled sounds, the incredible software synths, the drums, the looper.. the.. the.. Oh, it's way to much fun, and I really don't have time to play right now... but I'm making some time. "Electronic Music" has come a long way since my old ARP, and Reason blew my mind, let me get to playing with music/noise quickly without getting in the way, and has some incredible capabilities and sounds. I'll figure out Rosegarden on Linux soon, but it's still got some quirks and a learning curve.

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