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2009-05-07 19:57:21.82586+00 by meuon 5 comments

Had some meetings recently with TVA and at some point you realize the world is fractal in nature and they are a fractoid of the government as a whole:

We have $ $ $ to spend on projects to shrink demand and use LESS power.We have $ $ $ to spend on projects to entice large power users INTO the area.

And my favorite solution to the problem is: Much less government. Much MUCH less government.

Side note: Duke, TVA and other large providers are posting numbers that heavy commercial and industrial power demand is down by 10-20%... The energy crisis may be postponed due to a shrinking economy.

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#Comment Re: made: 2009-05-08 17:47:58.559546+00 by: andylyke

It's not just government. Back in the energy crunch of the 1970s, I was approached by Niagara Mohawk who scolded us (GE) because of our failure to run ad campaigns to increase electric consumption.

It's bigness without answerabiity for what it's doing.

#Comment Re: made: 2009-05-10 00:19:18.431186+00 by: ziffle [edit history]

This is caused by the distortion of our government interfering in electricity production. If electricity was privately produced it would be cost effective and if not we would change our consumption to something else. So simple.

There must be free entry to a market to call it a free market else it wil be distorted. Solar Roof Tiles anyone? Solar Roof Tiles have no barrier to entry as far as I know.

#Comment Re: made: 2009-05-11 00:57:18.498905+00 by: Larry Burton

>> Solar Roof Tiles have no barrier to entry as far as I know.

You've never dealt with the architectural committee of an HOA. Have you?

#Comment Re: made: 2009-05-11 13:44:26.954622+00 by: ziffle

Larry - have to say you are right - did not think about that. But maybe there is a solution

#Comment Re: made: 2009-05-11 22:17:23.863516+00 by: meuon

As much rain as we've had lately, solar would suck. I'm thinking "nuclear batteries" buried in a cave in the back yard. Of course, with that kind of power output and cost, I'd have to run a 24/7greenhouse to soak up some excess load.. and to pay for it, I'd have to grow....

Ok. daydream over.