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2009-06-20 22:42:37.372629+00 by meuon 0 comments

Good Linux Users Groups sound like beer drinking activities. I just attended a Guyana Linux Users Group aka GLUG meeting and was impressed by the technical expertise in the room and a world-class presentation and live demonstration of Snort as an Intrusion Prevention System.

Discussions rambled and they feel that the poor adoption of Linux in both business and personal use stems from their perception that almost no-one pays for Microsoft products anyway. Including many/"most"regional businesses and government agencies. They install it, disable updates (they don't have enough bandwidth to handle massive updates), and when it gets infected badly enough, reinstall and do it all over again.

The group members feel Linux is a much better solution for their country in the long term, but are having problems getting adoption. Our dropping a massive mission critical Linux system in their midst is a start, but they are looking for ideas.

At least they don't have MS enforcement tactics to deal with.

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