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Desk Styles

2013-01-21 01:51:58.479933+00 by meuon 0 comments

While Dan's been making cabinets, and installing higher technology toilets, Nancy and I are finishing up a long joint project, reinventing our work spaces. I'm working a lot more at home, as is Nancy, and it was time to remove the big desk across the front of the house and make our home offices.

Step 1, a corner of the big desk and the original alcove that came with the house.[]
Step 2: Gut things. Did I mention this is a week before house guests?[Gutted]
Step 3 for Mike: A higher technology alcove office, with LED strip lighting, a 42" monitor/TV, and a lot more storage than you realize. [Mike/Geeklabs Latest Desk - home office]
Step 3 for Nancy: It was time for some privacy and solitude.. and a very stylish office for Nancy. Much less tech, more Nancy. [Nancy in her new office]

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