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Jesus' Son

2000-09-22 23:14:14+00 by ebradway 1 comments

I went to see Jesus' Son with Andrew and Nikki at the Bijou (Chattanooga) last night. Dan and I saw it when I was out visiting a couple months ago. We joked that there was no way it would ever show in Chattanooga. Surpise! I was much better the second time. I'm not sure why it seemed so uninteresting the first time - I think I just didn't quite get into the humor. It's a Drugstore Cowboy sort of movie - glorfying drugs and stupid people. Not that drugs or stupid people are inherently bad - they just don't mix well.

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#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:30:18+00 by: topspin

Perhaps I'm over-qualified to comment because I sell drugs to stupid people all day, but yes, they do mix. They mix them with alcohol, weed, and anything else they can grab and gobble. Seriously, I enjoyed the movie. However, it was remarkably funnier than I recall life being when I hung out with junkies. As for the response of Chattanooga, the couple in front of us as we left remarked, "Well, they can't all be art movies, I guess" and the guy selling popcorn had heard "the movie makes fun of cool people, right?" Sigh... it's my home... it's my home.... it's my home....