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2001-02-05 18:04:16+00 by TC 1 comments

OMG (O my Gawd) I am failing in love with a trailer trash sport. I saw the SF Demons defeat the el lay team. It was an amazingly great game. Of course it's fun to see almost any game at Pac Bell Park but I think the XFL may actually make it as another football league. The beer was cold, the cheerleaders slutty and hits hard. It was a sunday like god inteded it to be...

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#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:05+00 by: ebradway

A friend of mine regularly attends Arena Football games in Nashville. He says the highlight of the game is a drawing they have. The winner of the drawing gets lowered from the rafters into a giant hot tub at the 50 yard line. He gets to watch the game in the tub in the company of cheerleaders and gets waited on hand-and-foot by other cheerleaders. The game is played on a smaller field and eight on a team with a running playclock so delays between plays are kept to a minimum.