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2001-06-22 22:22:43+00 by TC 2 comments

Ok, I've actually been a long time defender of Flash technology because I think it has great potential for many uses, buuuuuut it also has the potential for great abuse.

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#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:57+00 by: dhartung

I find these less offensive than pop-ups (or even pop-unders), actually. Unlike an interstitial, they don't prevent you from getting to what you want to see.

#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:57+00 by: webwide

some of them need their own backgrounds, instead of being transparent...text is difficult to read against the background of text on the web page. And the Bermuda ad is annoying because it leaves behind a looping audio file of fake-sounding water lapping on the shore....

I gotta agree though, better than pop-ups, and since you can't click 'em away probably more effective too! Heck, I kept wanting to click 'em :o)