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Blues got a Clue

2002-03-08 20:34:32+00 by TC 5 comments

Steve Burns (aka "Steve" from Blues Clues) has decided not to become the next Fred Rodgers and do childrens television the rest of his life. This is a little sad cause my little minions really like being warped by him but maybe it's good news for us since his Next project is to warp adults.

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment made: 2002-03-08 23:00:33+00 by: markpasc

"Troposphere" sounds especially neat. I'm looking forward to the whole album.

#Comment made: 2002-03-08 23:13:44+00 by: Shawn [edit history]

Steve has said all along that he didn't want to get stuck doing children's programming as a career. How do I know this? I was a developer on most of the entire run of Blues Clues software titles, from Humongous Entertainment.

Back when we were making the games, the office was all abuzz when Steve took a role on an episode of Law & Order. He played a high school student who murderded several people without any indication of remorse. I didn't see the ep, but I hear they didn't let him wear the green striped shirt ;-)

#Comment made: 2002-03-09 00:23:02+00 by: fdgsahdsfaghws

I saw this a few weeks before it was ready to be made public -- honestly, I've never really liked the Flaming Lips, and I think this rockstar-disguised-as-sincere-guy-disguised-as-rockstar crap needs to die quickly and as violently as possible. The site's such a misleading downplay on the mad jackass that is Steve Burns -- I've heard tales of him sticking a Blue's Clues doll of himself up his ass and screaming obcenities out of windows in Brooklyn...

#Comment made: 2002-03-11 19:36:37+00 by: Shawn

Haven't heard that one. But I have seen home video footage of him filming the shows with stuffed animals with clamping jaws clamped to his crotch. (They only shot him from the waist up.)

But honestly now, who wouldn't go insane filming a show like that day after day?

Personally, I thought the site was great. And he's not a bad singer either...

#Comment made: 2002-12-04 03:52:43+00 by: Penny Layne

Eh it doens't matter what he puts up his bum or what is on his dick as long as he's being nice to our kids and keeps recording his kick ass album. =) Penny Layne.