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Palm Reading

2002-07-06 03:31:37+00 by meuon 5 comments

4 times in my life, last time while in New Orleans a few weeks ago, I have tried to get my palm read by a 'reputable palmist'. Yet again, I was given my money back and told they would not read my palm. This site worked almost as well. According to one expert, my hands show a crease line pattern that is very unusual, and is similiar to a genetic trait that shows up in 'downs' children. Even comparing my hands to a significant number of people, many even related, they are distinctly unique. Does anyone know a 'real' palmist? At this point I am intrigued and want to know why they are so different.

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#Comment made: 2002-07-06 06:09:26+00 by: topspin

Have you tried WordSmith? <ducking and running>

#Comment made: 2002-07-06 13:33:21+00 by: meuon [edit history]

Ha ha ha.. I even found a couple of good web sites... http://www.findyourfate.com/palmistry/palm0.jsp is pretty nifty. And, if I had the same lines that they talk about on my hands, it'd work. What started this was memories my Grandma brought back in me. She reads palms, partially for fun, but with my Grandma you just never know... A childhood memory was her reading hands of the kids in the receiving home (foster home) they used to run, and when she got to mine, she skipped me. As a kid, I remember it (I must have been about 10) and just figured it was 'cause I was a grandkid and not one of the foster kids in the house. She still won't read my hands, Cuz Mindy (a New Orleans Native), said she knew some people/places and the bet was, if she could get my palm read by an 'above street level' palmist, I'd buy the drinks for the gang for the night.. Until then, they bought. (I have fun kinfolk I found out...). 3 large frozen hurricanes for me, about 25+ for the rest of the gang.. 2 past lives readings (very interesting) 1 numerology exercise (kinda interesting) and 1 Tarot reading (bizarre) later, no-one would read my palms....

Just so you know how much fun this redneck cajun crowd is, the next nights mission was to get my Uncle Keith "layed". My Dad was willing to foot the bill. (technically Keith is his brother..Keith was adopted.) No luck.. but it was fun taunting the hookers with Keiths anatomical anomolies. Lets just say for a guy with just one nut, he has no problems catching beads from balconies.

#Comment made: 2002-07-08 17:45:48+00 by: TC

Next time your in the area I highly recomend The Sporting House Cafe actually should appeal to all the Flutterby crowd. The S&M Chicken is a personal favorite <grin>

#Comment made: 2002-07-09 23:28:15+00 by: Dori

Meuon, maybe you need to talk to this guy, instead.

#Comment made: 2002-07-10 02:40:41+00 by: meuon

the Sporting House Cafe looks neat, but mainstream. ;)