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Canon A10

2002-07-16 05:16:18+00 by ebradway 3 comments

I've actually had the camera a month and now feel like I should post on it. I had a Canon S100 for about six months and loved it. Unfortunately, it had a false feel of indestructibility to it and it didn't survive my lifestyle. The A10 was chosen as a replacement - smaller CCD (1.3mpixels) and larger, plastic case but half the price.

The larger size is a boon. Sure it doesn't fit in my jeans pocket but I'm forced to keep it in a camera bag (see above note about the indestructibility of the S100). The larger size means a larger LCD and easier to manage controls. It has EXACTLY the same UI, so I really can tell the difference in the controls. The 1.3Mpixels doesn't bother me because all of my shots are destined for the web. 1280x1024 is too big for most web applications, bigger than that is useless to me. The A10 uses four AA batteries. That means I can buy extra rechargeables for $10 a set (compared to $50 for a spare for the S100) and, in a pinch, I can run in a convenience store and buy some disposables.

It has 3X optical zoom (2X digital - but I never use it). Canon also makes a filter/lens adapter to extend the range of the camera. All in all, I like the A10 better than my old S100!

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment made: 2002-07-16 06:30:58+00 by: topspin

Great pics, Eric!

Good call on the milksnake too. Lots of folks would swear it was a copperhead, but I'm pretty sure you're right. The reversed (dark/light) bands on the copperhead vs. your snake help sort 'em out.

'Course it's lots easier to make that call when I'm sitting at the keyboard rather than having just rolled a rock over.....

#Comment made: 2002-07-17 12:56:15+00 by: ebradway

This was in June. The milksnake is in mating season in June, whereas the copperhead has a late Spring mating season and is usually dormant in June. Plus, this snake was definitely scared of me. It was VERY hard to get the picture without it running away (which it did right after I took the pic). Copperheads aren't intimidated so easily.

#Comment made: 2002-07-17 12:59:13+00 by: ebradway

By the way, the picture of the flower was taken at dusk with the flash turned off. I'm playing with the camera without the flash and have been quite impressed with the sensitivity of the CCD. I need a small tripod because it sounds like the shutter aperature is about a second on most low-light shots. But the results are pretty spectacular. I'll have some more shots posted soon.