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Searching for bandwidth users.

2002-07-28 03:33:04+00 by meuon 4 comments

Chattanooga MetroNet finally has a website and is actively seeking techno-firms to relocate to Chattanooga that need cheap bandwidth availability. Of course, at the last minute, they needed someone to host the website because the organization has a marketing firm, a board, and no-one to make it work if there was an it.

Its the dream that Dan (and others) had and I ran with back in 1993.. and I really think it's still a good idea. But does Chattanooga really want high bandwidth companies here? Sure, not ALL of it will be 'adult personal entertainment services'...

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment made: 2002-07-28 16:18:41+00 by: mkelley

Flood Digital designed the site, are they local? Thought that 3HD or Williams Web would have done the site. I can't find them on Google. It's not a bad looking site, of course it doesn't validate CSS and HTML. And of course it doesn't have a doctype.

#Comment made: 2002-07-28 16:54:51+00 by: meuon [edit history]

I think he's local, and I agree, he did a nice job. The PR firm is the Johnson Waterhouse group, a local firm, that has a cool: Balance The Budget gadget on their site. They were who I dealed with and Flood Digital is apparently a sub-contractor.

#Comment made: 2002-07-28 17:43:46+00 by: mkelley

I remember going up against the Johnson Group in the Chattanooga ADYS Awards and they won everything. I thought it would have been Williams Web, since Corker's connection to Davis Lundy, but then I snooped the source code and it was Flood.

I saw that they have agreements with you and the other local ISPs. Is this a way to form an aliance against BellSouth? I know you were pretty vocal about Metronet on here and in the Chattanoogan article. I thought CDC was almost out of business and the others (other than COL) were doing about the same? Bellsouth has made a giant investment locally in infrastructure, lots of SUN and Cisco equipment, just like EPB has. Will all of these resources between EPB and the other ISPs be the selling point?

#Comment made: 2002-07-28 18:39:45+00 by: meuon

Alliance against BellSouth? LOL! People that think that way just spin their wheels. At some point you realize that there is a lot of business out there and if you just take care of what you can well, you don't have to be 'against' anyone. Be FOR the customer, find solutions, make things work...

Metronet's true goals are the source of constant speculation, and subject to change. Part of it may be anti-BellSouth, it's also pro-downtown landlord.. and pro-internet connectivity and pro-Chattanooga. I am not sure if it's really pro-local-internet-services-company or not yet, but they are starting to realize they need us (more than we need them?).

Buying lots of Sun and Cisco equipment sounds good, but it takes smart people, competent management, reasonable goals and some ethics to survive long term in a world where technology changes so fast. large capital investments in specific technologies can make you less flexible later.