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Unions Suck (well most of them)

2002-12-05 00:50:29+00 by TC 4 comments

United Airlines mechanics are going to force United into Chapter 11 which will suck for a great many people that do business with United. Somehow Southwest seems to turn a tiddy profit and be very well run. Labor has gotten too powerful in some ares(dock workers come to mind) but to provider a counter example the Strippers at the Lusty Lady seem to need a a stronger voice. Oh and if you still think the United mechanics are underpaid you should know they are being fined for fixing planes with duct tape eeeesh...

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#Comment made: 2002-12-05 05:23:09+00 by: alecmarlow [edit history]

duct tape, i not flying ever again omfg, thats just creepy as it gets. oh ya and todd is cool ^_^

#Comment made: 2002-12-05 07:52:27+00 by: TheSHAD0W

I personally don't think unions suck; I think they have an important place in society. I do think, however, there are too many laws benefitting unions which should be discarded.

First off, there are a number of things companies are currently not allowed to do in order to discourage unionization or union actions; for instance, a company cannot stage a lock-out, nor can it simply fire its personnel and hire new people (thank you, Clinton). I say, if I own a business, I ought to be able to decide whether to operate it or not. I also say, if I can hire an entirely new workforce and live through the inefficiencies while they're settling in or being trained, for less money than the union is demanding for the current workers, then the union wants too much and deserves to be fired.

I also think employers are crazy to sign contracts making the business a "union shop", requiring everyone to be a union member. If I'm working at a company and I don't like the union, I want the option of keeping my money, rather than being forced to pay dues to a collective I disagree with.

#Comment made: 2002-12-05 13:22:33+00 by: meuon

It's not quite duct tape.. it has a mylar and aluminum layer and it's impossible to remove without solvents.. but it's still a 'temporary repair'. I used to have a roll, (USAF procured) but used it up years ago. it's incredible stuff.

Still.. holes in the wing? 2 plus inches across.. OUCH! I'm driving to Black Rock City.. :)

#Comment made: 2002-12-05 17:31:04+00 by: td

No union is forcing United into bankruptcy. Their CEO quit a year ago and they haven't seen fit to hire someone to replace him, this at a time when all of the nation's airlines desperately need good leadership to pull them through the post-9/11 travel slump. With no one at the helm they've been unable to make the difficult decisions required to deal with the crisis. It's not the fault of the straw that broke the camel's back, it's the fault of the guy that overloaded the camel in the first place.

Also note that more than 50% of United is owned by employees -- they've done it to themselves.