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In Bed with Susie Bright

2003-03-05 02:29:57.098335+00 by Shawn 2 comments

Through the SHS announcement mailing list, I learned that audible.com has a weekly radio broadcast hosted by Susie Bright. You can download (using their own plugin app - which doesn't work with Mozilla) each show to any of a number of portables or for burning to a CD.

The CD method made my morning bus trip to school much more fun. Next on the agenda (in addition to next week's show) is The Silmarillion. If this all goes well I'm looking at eventually getting the Audible Advisor Springboard module for my Visor.

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#Comment made: 2003-03-05 19:33:54.417811+00 by: baylink [edit history]

On the topic of Visors, I just ran across Active Armor cases, which look exceedingly spiffy (if you don't mind being a geek, and of course, I don't)... but they don't make a Prism model.

Having just gone through the hassle of *replacing* my Prism (if there is any way you can arrange your affairs to avoid dropping your Palm Pilot from atop your minivan, at high speed, in a turn, in the most crowded intersection in the city... at rush hour, then this is almost certainly the path your life should take), I'd love such a case, but can't have one.

In the course of the conversation, though, I discovered that Handspring is apparently *not selling replacement internal battery packs for that series* (update: I checked; no they're not EOLing the packs... but the repair costs more than I just paid for a new *Prism* off eBay -- $125).

Isn't it nice that I work for a battery company...?

#Comment made: 2003-03-06 18:54:07.156561+00 by: Shawn

Yeah, from everything I've heard/read Handspring has basically abandoned the Visor line in favor of their new Treos. Which I personally found irritating. Strange as it may seem to some, I don't want a phone/pda combo device and I have little desire for wireless communication. I'm perfectly happy with the docking station as my periodic tether.