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Carquinez Bridge

2003-03-12 20:58:22.661326+00 by TC 1 comments

Been burning the candle at all three ends but see the light at the end of the tunnel(hope it's not a train). Looks like war blogging is more fun than Dan admits or perhaps it's work avoidance behavior but he's been a posting machine(yay Dan). Meuon got the Spelunking bug! cool you need to get out to California more. Did someone say raw tiff? Instead of the usual colapsing in bed I decided to play with my underused toy(sony dsc-f717)and took some night shots of the Carquinez Bridge from my backyard. The amazing thing about this shot is that it was taken at 11:30 at night and the sky looked pretty close to black to my eyes. Photon Magnet indeed (yes it was a 10 second exposure with tripod but still). And as long as it doesn't cause a bandwidth problem (the sucker is 14+ megs) raw tiff here

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#Comment made: 2003-03-13 09:46:31.384481+00 by: Jeffery

Cool photo, Todd!