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hot amps in the morning.

2003-04-09 10:47:06.866537+00 by meuon 2 comments

I've been quietfor a while.. had moved the Fender computer speakers up the the apartment where I rarely got to turn them up to 25 percent.. For various reasons it was time to move them back to the Virtual Building.. get some work done. Cranked 'em up at 3am.. Techno/Trance LOUD[Wiki] - And got into a groove I had not been into in months. The smell hit me, something was warm.. no.. something was hot. The amp (already fan cooled with a huge heat sink) on the Fenders was toasty warm. Having just seen Apocolypse Now Redux the smell made me think: I love the smell of hot amps in the morning! . I have determined that music under certain conditions is a drug and much be treated as a mood altering, behavior altering drug.. ie: Loud fast music can be used as speed[Wiki] - Soft new age or acoustical ambient is a calming downer.

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#Comment made: 2003-04-11 19:15:54.680611+00 by: TC

Yup, it has long been asserted that smell creates the most enduring memories.

#Comment made: 2003-04-13 05:29:16.429672+00 by: meuon [edit history]

Post sexual memories: Her smell (and taste), the texture of her skin.. her attitude.. For me, the order changes depending of the events.. but smell often first, and I don't mean what perfume she was wearing.. I'm still fixated on a really kewl woman I only had a couple of dates with.. her smell, under the perfume, is incredible..