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Privacy Tour

2003-04-09 12:09:44.353561+00 by meuon 5 comments

The Surveillance Camera Players conducts free tours of cameras in Manhattan.. protesting eroding privacy..Which I applaude, yet I'm guilty.. we have a camera on our front door that also catches glimpses of the hookers, crack dealers.. and decent people walking down E. Main to work. I point it out to the scum.. 'politely' telling them they are on camera, and they stay away from the front of our building. Are we justified? (note, there is currentlly no recorder or monitor plugged in..)

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment made: 2003-04-09 13:21:12.210584+00 by: ebradway

Decent people walking down E. Main Street? Yeah, right...

#Comment made: 2003-04-09 15:00:22.399326+00 by: meuon

I was trying to be fair.. and every morning and evening there are normal working people that walk by. and even a few joggers..

#Comment made: 2003-04-09 20:05:31.801222+00 by: phoffman

>Are we justified?

When the hookers and crack dealers stay away from your door, do they stop hooking or dealing, or just do it in front of someone else's door? Are you helping your neighbors? Are you helping the humans whom seem like scum by doing this? Are you helping the non-scum people who see the camera?

#Comment made: 2003-04-09 21:22:49.335997+00 by: meuon

They move it down the street.. we end up helping ourselves, and our customers (not many actually visit). At what point does the theoretical and sometimes real invasion of privacy outweigh the benefits?

#Comment made: 2003-04-11 13:30:05.678612+00 by: ebradway

Joggers! Are you sure they aren't running from the cops?

What has that neighborhood come to?!?

<sarcasm> It used to be a safe place for gambling, drug deals and prostitution. Now it's being overrun by health nuts! And here the Association of Neighborly Hoods thought they were winning when they ran than Canadian Jew-boy out of town. Damn, I bet the cops won't even take a kick-back anymore... </sarcasm>