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If a tree is naked in the woods...

2003-11-04 19:28:02.145828+00 by Shawn 2 comments

If a man is fondling himself in a bathroom and nobody is there to see it, is he guilty of indecent exposure? A Miami cop thought so. A security camera filmed the man using the bathroom. (He says he was simply urinating. I guess the "more than two shakes" rule can get you more than sidelong looks from other patrons now.) The charges were eventually dropped and the man is suing for invasion of privacy and false arrest. (Link from Billy Wildhack.)

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#Comment Re: If a tree is naked in the woods... made: 2003-11-04 20:21:02.253447+00 by: meuon

Dangnabbbit.. After the scores Flutterbarians posted about "taboo's and morality" I'm sure we are all laughing, and scared as well. I mean, I haven't whacked off in a public restroom in.. well.. weeks at least, more like years, if ever. But sometimes, a couple of extra shakes, a good stretch and repositioning of the scrotum just feels good and I might do it again, ok, maybe 3, 4.. times, IF there is no-one there. Now I'l have an Orwellian Big Brother complex every time I use a public/semi-public restroom, thanks Shawn.

On another vector: Why was the cop watching THAT closely, if a kid did what the man did, shouldn't we bust the cop for child porn?

#Comment Re: If a tree is naked in the woods... made: 2003-11-05 04:40:03.800962+00 by: bunni

As a woman I've always been wierdly paranoid about semi public bathrooms. Most of the women I know are. I remember one time in college a group of us ended up having this big dicussion about where the best bathrooms were on campus, the ones that were always clean and nice, the ones that never had a line, the ones that were carefully hidden so only us enterprising upper-classmen know where they were. A lot of my friends who lived on campus would run home rather than using some of the larger bathrooms. I don't think we were driven by a fear of being watched or taped, but there was clearly a strong desire for privacy.

I remember when Chuck Berry got busted for placing a video camera in the ladies bathroom of the restaurant he owned. Now it seems he was just ahead of his time.