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Thought Police

2003-12-08 02:56:59.740689+00 by ziffle 1 comments

I thought the ash tray policemen (one of the banned words) was awful but recently I read

"The Language Police" by Diane Ravich.

For any one who wonders what is happening to America (one of the banned words) this is a must read. A significant book. READ THIS BOOK!

All text books and test given to school children in the US are filtered through the language police. the word Man is disallowed. As are any thing that might offend anyone, except of course white males.


  • Women cannot be depicted as caregivers or doing household chores.
  • Men cannot be lawyers or doctors or plumbers. They must be nurturing helpmates.
  • Old people cannot be feeble or dependent; they must jog or repair the roof.
  • A story that is set in the mountains discriminates against students from flatlands.
  • Children cannot be shown as disobedient or in conflict with adults.
  • Cake cannot appear in a story because it is not nutritious.

The "little woman" is disallowed. The strong tall male is not allowed. Caucasians are only depicted negatively. Mothering is out - since males can not participate.

Everything written before 1970 is not acceptable - no joking! Well I have noticed not much written after 1970 is any good so there you go!

The first step in wiping out Political Correctness and multi culturalism is identification - once identified we can conceptualize the evil - this is a good start, for all mankind. A must read, God Dammit (also banned words)

An excerpt from page 40-41:

In 1990, the New York Times described an author and an illustrator who couldn't take the shifting mandates anymore. The writer explained, 'Maybe it was the messenger at the door with another set of guidelines, updating the set she had received from the publisher a few days before. Maybe it was the elaborate recipes for an ethnic and racial mix in the cast of characters.' The article quoted an artist who stopped accepting textbook assignments in 1986 after receiving the latest instructions from the publisher for an illustration:

"'It's etched in acid in my mind. They sent 10 pages of single-spaced specifications. The hero was a Hispanic boy. There were black twins, one boy, one girl; an overweight Oriental boy; and an American Indian girl. That leaves the Caucasian. Since we mustn't forget the physically handicapped, she was born with a congenital malformation and only had three fingers on one hand."

"'One child had to have an Irish setter, and the setter was to be female....They also had a senior citizen, and I had to show her jogging."

"I can't do it anymore."

Like a character from Atlas Shrugged, eh?

This is why I say that all professors of universities should be elected. Yes its an awful option, but it might help in the short term to weed out those people and allow a flowering of ideas. Of course there should be no publicly funded local schools or universities at all but understanding that requires enlightenment, and we are far from that.

Ziffle of Mankind

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#Comment Re: Thought Police made: 2003-12-08 13:13:45.198617+00 by: meuon

You sound like my Dad. Who doesn't jog. And scary enough, you are both right about the 'Thought Police'. He's a retired College teacher and administrator.. and NOT Politically Correct. And doesn't jog.

Besides, I think Ti Chi and Yoga would be a better depiction. :)