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A baby manatee

2004-01-01 20:51:52.039651+00 by topspin 1 comments

[baby manatee]This little critter is cute! The person in the photo is 6yo Alexandra. Alex' Mom, Ann, was behind the camera and the young manatee was curious about her new Sony DSC-U60 which I got her primarily for caving, but it worked well in the river too.

Ann, Alex, and I just got back from a few days at Crystal River and quick, one-day trip to Busch Gardens. Using Ann's sea kayak and experience, we had a blast paddling the river, snorkelling, scratching the manatee's bellys, and some limited salt water paddling.

[Edited after I examined the pic more closely. It's only Alex, not Alex and I.]

Life is good!

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#Comment Re: A baby manatee made: 2004-01-03 01:41:31.648149+00 by: ebradway

Hah! My father delivers mail in Crystal River. I just got back from the mall over there. Didn't check out manatees this year. Still realing from my trip to Costa Rica (travelogue still coming...)