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Geek Rant: PHP/__SQL Rocks!

2004-01-19 14:19:45.081037+00 by meuon 0 comments

OK, I admit, I've been a Perl wannabe for a long time, and Perl is incredible. For multiple projects, I started trying to use PHP a few weeks ago, and was hating it. The breakthrough was groking that it was a real language, and that all of the 'example' code I was seeing was for people whom have never written any code and were doing VERY simple things (normal 'web design' stuff). After studying the excellent online manuals with a different viewpoint, I flushed my aching brain of the multiple web pages with embedded PHP mentality and started writing a single PHP program with modes and functions that outputted HTML as needed. Wow. Many things that were hard in Perl are basic functions in PHP. The ease of doing HTTP Auth (without .htaccess files) alone, directly against the database, makes it worth learning. Although I'm using MySQL right now, I was also able to get Sybase working, and I'm stoked. It's been a while since I felt good about coding..maybe busting an ankle in Mexico and being forced to chill and concentrate in front of my systems was what I needed, and it was good karma after all. Enough geekspeak for today.

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