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2004-02-10 16:13:49.099416+00 by meuon 2 comments

Went to Florida last weekend with friends, had a great time playing with the Manatees in Crystal River. Snorkelling with my cast on.. but no really good pics of Manatees. If anyone wants to do this, forget prop driven boats, the Manatees hide from them, we did a pontoon boat Saturday. Sunday we used canoe's.. and they come right up to the canoes. Snorkelling in the crystal clear water of the springs was incredible.

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#Comment Re: What?! in florida? made: 2004-02-11 23:15:00.599751+00 by: flushy

In florida and you didn't even email me?! The shame!!

#Comment Re: made: 2004-02-12 12:06:36.892428+00 by: meuon

Hi Flushy! I'll be back, and in a mode where I am not the guy that hitched a ride on others plans. I did not decide for sure to go until Thursday late, then left Friday AM hitching a ride in a Clem and Pam's Suburban. When I'm not limping, I'd visit again for a week or more. And yes, I'll look you up!