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2004-02-11 11:25:36.371499+00 by meuon 0 comments

Sure, it's another MS-Bugtm with security issues. But this is about well earned cocksureness style hubris. eEye takes it to new levels with not only their excellent job at finding and reporting to Microsoft this issue in July 2003, and their being nice enough to not post it until Microsoft spews YAP (Yet Another Patch) in February 2004. With machismo and style they post a pre-amble that starts:

U Can't Trust This
By: MCSE Hammer

Blaster did ya some harm
We just say, hey, another worm
But thank you, for trusting me
To mind your site's security
It's all good, when your server's downed
Our dope PR will pass blame around
Cuz it's known as such
That this is some software, you can't trust

I told ya Homeland
U can't trust this..........[more]

They deserve the Larry Wall Hubris Award. Thank you eEye for sticking your neck out and reminding us to take some pride in our work and to rejoice in that pride.

A truly great computer programmer is lazy, impatient and full of hubris - Larry Wall

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