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2004-02-24 20:41:35.433334+00 by ziffle 1 comments

I like RFID I think, but - I am concerned abut privacy issues - is there a fix for my dilemma?



"Take one RFID tag and one microwave oven. Place the RF ID tag in the microwave oven, turn the microwave oven on, and in a short space of time, you have demonstrated why Physics can be used very effectively to stop nosy morons in their tracks"

Do we have a right to know? http://www.nocards.org/press/pressrelease06-11-03.shtml Hopefully...

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#Comment Re: made: 2004-02-29 00:50:18.71166+00 by: TheSHAD0W

I'm afraid both articles are more than a little naive. While most RFID chips will probably be destroyed using this method, the antennas on RFIDs are short so the amount of current that can be induced is limited, and RFIDs can be designed to shrug off this sort of attack. Worse still, they can be designed to change behavior when attacked in this way, so that people who try to disable their RFIDs can be singled out. As for the "RFID Right to Know", finding a keyed RFID on an item is about on the same order as finding a needle in a haystack.